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Families researching: Apsley, Ashley, Beck, Bennett, Coleman, Crouch, Elburn, Fletcher, Frampton, Hadaway, Huth, Hynson

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Beatrice Huth Do you know where they lived?
Feb 18 · posted to the photo Peter and Mary Beck
Beatrice Huth Love this picture! 1 sister and 5 brothers!
Feb 18 · posted to the photo Raymond & Ethel (Weakland) Keeney children
Beatrice Huth I read ......Mollie Owens of ......
Feb 18 · posted to the photo Unknown woman
Beatrice Huth Looks like they could be brothers.
Feb 18 · posted to the photo Unknown men
Beatrice Huth Such a handsome and strong face.
Jan 20 · posted to the photo Shoshoni Native American
Beatrice Huth In working with a lady who is Native American I find what happened so egotistical of the White people to believe their way is the only way to do things or be in the World. Sad the Native Americans were willing to give and share in the beginning until the White people were takers and continued taking.
Jan 20 · posted to the photo Iroquois Indians in Buffalo NY
Beatrice Huth Check your family history for a family with 10 children. Also this is the same mother with the 3 children in one of your other pictures.
Jan 24, 2014 · posted to the photo Unknown family, North Carolina
Beatrice Huth I haven't found any connection; one of the Ray's did eventually marry a fitzsimmons; I think they had school or church together? I was going to look into uniforms during that time period as most of them seem to have a shirt/tie jacket on except for 2 of them. Did you notice that? I know they were a deeply religious people; lots of Christian Science books.
Beatrice Huth I don't have any information except on Elizabeth and Emily; nor do I know the date of this picture. Although the girls look like Juniors or Seniors. Elizabeth was born about 1825 and her sister Emily was born a couple of years later. So the date should really be 1838-45?
Beatrice Huth More info on front: John Muteheart brother of Maggie Howard and great uncle of Joseph Altman (children or childer).
Jan 31, 2013 · posted to the photo John Mutart and Family, Kansas
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