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Colleen Standley JOHN B. HEIKEN Reared to farm life on his father’s ranch of 400 acres, where he was born, John B. Heiken has spent his entire lifetime in agricultural pursuits. His father, Henry B. Heiken, a venerable and highly respected farmer, now deceased, was born in Hanover, Germany, February 8, 1824, and was there reared and educated. Left fatherless at the age of eight years, Henry B. Heiken began life for himself at an early age, for many years working as a wage-earner on a farm. Coming to the United States in 1851, he crossed the Atlantic in a sailing vessel, being ten weeks on the ocean, and landed in New Orleans. Proceeding directly to the Red River district, in Texas, he remained there a short time and then went to St. Louis, Mo., where he worked as a farmer and teamster for three years. Taking the Nicaragua route for California in 1854, he came to San Francisco and spent a brief time there, after which he went to the mines and worked by the day for a while. Not liking this, however, he next went to Sacramento, and from there to Marysville, where he secured a position with a farmer, in whose employ he continued for fourteen months. The following two years, he worked at ranching and hay-pressing; and with the money thus earned he purchased a six-mule team, and for three years thereafter was engaged in freighting to the mines. Giving up teaming, in 1860, Henry B. Heiken located on government land in Sutter County, but in the course of four or five years had to give it up. He subsequently purchased a squatter’s claim to the present homestead, and there engaged in general farming and stock-raising. Later he added to his original purchase, increasing his acreage to 400 acres. He made substantial improvements on his farm, which became one of the best in its appointments of any in this part of the valley, being a credit to his industry, skill and sound judgment. On December 10, 1867. Henry B. Heiken was married to Miss Margaret Egan, who was born and reared in Queens County, Ireland, coming from there to Sutter County with her father when about seventeen years old. Of the nine children born of the union of Mr. and Mrs. Heiken, four are living, namely: Hobart W.; John B., the subject of this sketch; Josephine M.; and Frederic. Henry B. Heiken was a Republican in politics, and fraternally he was identified with Enterprise Lodge, No. 70, F. & A. M., of Yuba City, to which his two older sons also belong. John B. Heiken was always associated with his father in ranching operations, and he is now counted as among the substantial and prosperous citizens of his locality. In 1920 Mr. Heiken was elected supervisor of the fourth supervisorial district of Sutter County; and he is now serving as chairman of the board. In national politics he is a decided Republican. Mr. Heiken was married in Yuba City to Miss Inga Hess, who was born in Santa Rosa, and whose parents were well and favorably known pioneers of Sonoma County. (History of Yuba and Sutter Counties, Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, 1924-pg 602) Today his descendants live in the Sacramento and Yuba City/Marysville areas.
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Colleen Standley My grandmother was Lorene Edna Ledford. She was born in Los Angeles, CA August 11,1906. Growing up there she spotted a very handsome young stud named Nicholas Pierce Kirwan in her High School. They were sweethearts for a heartbeat and then time marched on and they lost touch with one another. Nick went on to Stanford University and drove and orange juice truck and made deliveries in order to put himself through university. He was the first child to do so in the history of his family. Later his brother would graduate from U.C. Berkeley, and both would have established themselves as football players. I have memorabilia for both and the Stanford-Cal rivalry is well known in my family as well as the world! Grandpa was also a of the Fiji Fraternity and in later years as an alum helped to build their new frat house. He started out after graduating in San Francisco working for Dean and Co. as a budding investment banker. He wrangled an informational interview with A.P. Gianini before the crash of 1929 who advised him to develop his career as a stockbroker first and then a banker. I have a copy of the tape from that fateful day in 1929 when grandpa gave up on banking and went on to establish himself as an investment banker/stockbroker with Dean Witter & Co. in Los Angeles for almost 40 years. On his return to Los Angeles and before he made it big he was rediscovered by Lorene Ledford. She was a smart girl and not about to let him get away a second time. After dating for some time and him dragging his feet over a betrothal she announced she was headed with a girlfriend to Puerta Vallarta for a long vacation and not sure when she would return, or with who! He came to his senses and they became engaged. Lorene knew what she was doing and had managed multiple proposals of marriage before, some happengin at the same time, but she was a hold out for her Nick. They were married September 9, 1932 and stayed that way until they both died. They were the love of each other's lives and were even in the same nursing home in Santa Barbara Califonra for a while post-stroke. They built a wonderful life in Beverly Hills, CA starting when it was just a "little village of folks in the middle of LA" and much later moved to Santa Barbara in the 1980's, and after living in the same home they brought my mother into the world in July 23, 1936. Their story is one of a tenacious love and bond met many challenges and stayed true. Neither were pre-disposed to divorce and while not devoutly religious were of a common "faith" when it came to marriage and lent their strong work ethic and lust for life to the task of staying together no matter what. Their story inspired many people in their community and respective families, especially Lorene's who saw her own parent's divorce before she became a teen and in an era where such things were very uncommon. Lorene Edna Ledford Kirwan was the daughter of Lorene Edgar Ledford and Lucy Emma Cecilia Kincaid. The Ledford's orginally haled from the Carolina's and came west as Quakers when using slaves on the family plantation became intolerable and stand was taken. The Kincaids were of Bakersfield and are still honored there for their contributions to the North in the Civil War. Elam Orson Kincaid later became appointed as one of the first Prison Guards of San Quentin Prison and took his Spanish bride there to raise a family. His bride of age 16 was Domitilla Aguilar of Descanso California, and her father, Gavino Aguilar is buried as one of California's original Spanish pioneers in the Ellis Family Cemetary where you can find his headstone and murder story on his headstone to this day. Lorene's Californio past and Nick's survival of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake as the child of an Irish immigrant have made for a foundation of immense Califonia historical value and bond of Celtic and Spanish heritages, for which I am very proud. Their love was as true as their beginnings, and their legacy to their families felt around the world today.
Feb 16, 2008 · posted to the surname Leford
Colleen Standley George Larson emmigrated from Copenhagen, Denmark with his wife, Mary. They made one of Nebraska's pioneer families. They came here at the tender ages of 25 and 26 years old in 1882,and were some of the original settlers of Bennett, NE. Together they built a farm and a family and raised 4 sons: Victor, Anton, Henry, Albert (Peter and Julius died as children) and 3 daughters: Rose, Christine(aka Sally) and Gertrude (My Grandmother)- Mary died as a child. Jorgen (born 11/1/1856) and Maren (born 1/23/1857) - their Danish names - were a hard working couple and dedicated to their family, church and community. While they never lived outside of NE, most of their children went west and became a part of the building of California at one level or another. Some of their addresses in Lincoln, Nebraska were: 3100 O Street, where George died in 1929 (May 13th) 123 South Twenty-Eigth Street, where Mary died in 1944 (February 12) Their daughter, Gertrude Dagmar Larson, was my grandmother. She married a widow, James Harvey Standey, with 5 children, and then had four of her own. She used to recall proudly the day she went as a newly wed to the orphanage and picked up her husband's brood: Violet, Brea, Pauline, Raymond and adopted son Freddie. Gert went on to bear my father, James H. Standley Jr., and his siblings Paul, Getrude and Shirley. Her husband died when their youngest children were still toddlers and left his new wife overwhelmed and destitute. Gertrude Larson Standley overcame this loss with great difficulty and fortitude, possible because of her strong character and Danish background. Working as a domestic until her children were grown, she raised them alone during the depression. In the end, she remarried after coming to California and spent the years after that husband's death with her daughter Shirley and my father, Jim, in Lodi, California. She is buried in Lincoln, NE aong side her family in Bennett, with history and great pride. My father, James Harvey Standley, Jr. died on Valentines Day 2/14/2006 and was a U.S. Merchant Seaman. At his request his ashes were spread beneath the Golden Gate Bridge where we still visit to honor him. He raced Indian Motorcycles in his youth and was a man of great character and mechanical skil, and tremendous love for his family.
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Colleen Standley My Great, Great, Great Grandfather was Don Gavino Aguilar. Two of his four beloved daughters was Domitilla (My GGGrandmother) and her sister Ysadora. While Domitilla took to a fine career soldier name Elam Kincaid and moved away, Ysadora stayed and married a Norwegian ex-sea captain who came to the mountains near San Diego in 1865 to make a life after jumping ship. He intended to remain in this country at any cost and changed his name to Charles Ellis. He and Ysadora married and went to Coyote Wells (now Ocotillo Wells) for a while, where he managed a stage station. However the couple soon decided to back to the Aguilar Family area and returned to the mountains and the oaks of Descanso. In about 1880, they started a ranch that straddled the Sweetwater River for 160 acres as well as a 44 acre timber claim. They built a house mile north of the Aguilar Rancho and started their own faily of 4 boys and 4 girls. The Ellis Wayside Vista Point on Interstate 8 is officially named for the family in honor of their many contributions through the generations, many of which continue today. Included among these contributions is the remarkable and historic Ellis Ranch Cemetery where family is proudly interred to this day in this little gathering place of peace, pride and tradition. Charles and Ysadora are buried there with many other family members.
Jul 07, 2008 · posted to the surname Aguilar
Colleen Standley On August 25, 1882 a brave pioneer from Spain and patriarch of his family of 4 boys and 4 girls was murdered in a plot to take over his valuable ranch land. Don Gavino had come to California with his wife before it became a state and homesteaded a ranch near San Diego. His son in law, Charles Ellis,held an adjacent property with his wife Ysidora who gave the area its name. "Descanso". Gavino was ambushed by Andronico Lopez, 21 years old within a mile south of where the murder occurred and Gavino now lies at rest in the historic Ellis Ranch Cemetery. A second stone is placed beneath his headstone there and details the murder and murderer. Andronico Lopez was caught and went to jail at San Quentin Prison in Marin County, CA for his crime. He later died there. Ironically, Gavino's daughter Domitilla married a man who would be a future prison guard there, Elam Orson Kincaid, and gave birth to my great grandmother, great uncles and aunts there at San Quentin Village. -- Colleen Standley
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Colleen Standley FRED H. HEIKEN An efficient, trustworthy public official who enjoys the confidence and esteem of his fellow-citizens, is Fred H. Heiken, the treasurer and tax collector of Yuba County [Sutter County]. He was born on a farm in Sutter County, on August 16, 1890. His father, Henry B. Heiken, came to California in 1854, while his mother, who was Margaret Egan before her marriage, reached the Coast as a young girl; and in Sutter County they were married. Prior to his coming to California, Mr. Heiken had been in New Orleans, and had gone through the cholera plague. After coming to California, he spent some years transporting freight to and from the mines, and then spent the remainder of his life in farming. He homesteaded land in Sutter County, and part of what he homesteaded is still held by the family. He died in 1903 and the following year Mrs. Heiken breathed her last. Fred Heiken obtained his early training in the public schools. He remained on the home ranch until he was seventeen years of age, when he added to his schooling by attendance at a business college. He then worked for a while, and afterwards went back to the college, and took a postgraduate course. Next he entered the employ of the Natomas Company, and was with them, in their accounting department, for five years. In the meantime, also, he was in business for himself in Folsom. For another five years he engaged in general merchandise trade at Tudor, in Sutter County; and on selling out, he was appointed to serve as county treasurer and tax collector for the unexpired term of C. D. O’Banion, deceased, being appointed on January 3, 1922, and in the fall of 1922 he was elected to the same office for a four-year term. Mr. Heiken is the owner of a peach orchard, which he developed from a grain-field. Interested in civic improvement, he is a member of the Chamber of Commerce. In Berkeley, on August 20, 1922, Mr. Heiken was married to Miss Ora F. Ferguson, a native daughter of Sacramento County; and they have two sons, Robert and Henry. He is a member of Enterprise Lodge No. 70, F. & A.M., Yuba City, and also of Marysville Lodge No. 783, B.P.O.E. He belongs to the Sutter Gun Club, is fond of hunting and fishing, and of the pleasures of out-of-door life, and is one of the enthusiasts for Yuba City and Sutter County, claiming for both many attractions and advantages not to be found elsewhere. His influence in his community makes for the general good. History of Yuba and Sutter Counties, Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, 1924 p 860
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Colleen Standley Elam Orson Kincaid is my GGGrandfather and he was married to Domitilla Aguilar, the daughter of a Spanish Pioneer/Rancher and a first generation Californian. Elam was born in Pennsylvania in 1834. He was dismissed as a FIRST LIEUT. as Elam O. Kincaid May 28, 1864 from the Arkansas Calvary at the end of the Civil War. This regiment was originally mustered at Springfield, MO from July 10 to October 5, 1862. From 1861 til then he was a volunteer in IOWA. He is listed in the Official Army Register of the Voulnteer Force of the US Army for years: 1861, 1862, 1863, 1864 and 1865. (Part IV of 8 parts nationally) When he left the war effort he was unmarried and his future wife was just 7 years old born 1857, the same year CALIFORNIA became a state! Her family came here from SPAIN an squatted a ranch near San Diego. They came from SPAIN by way of Baja California while CA was still Spain. Elam married Domitilla Aguilar, daughter of Gavino and Antonia Aguilar, who are buried in a well marked grave in the Elli Ranch Family Cemetery near Descanso in San Diego County. Domitilla's sister Ysidora, married Charles Ellis and a family cemetery was established there and remains to this day. The Aguilars are noted Spanish Pioneers. Elam and Domitilla's children were: Josephine Kincaid Eddie Kincaid Elsa Kincaid Ella Kincaid and my GGrandmother Lucy Emma Cecilia Kincaid (aka Lula or Lu) Domitilla died when her youngest, Lula, was just 14. The family had enjoyed living in SAN QUENTIN VILLAGE where Elam had earned a gubanatorial appointment as one of the very first Prison Guards at San Quentin. He is listed as such in The Marin County Great Register of 1880. Elam's family is thought to have settled in Bakersfield, CA and it is said that in "Freedom Hall" there is a tribute to him and his brother's and family for their many acts of patriotism and service to the USA as it reinvented itself over and over. Domitilla was buried with her family in the Ellis Ranch Cemetery as "Domitilla Kincaid" 1896. I am still trying to find Elam's gravesite and I am told by my mother than it should be near by in Lemon Grove, or possibly a military cemetary. Ella Kincaid became Elle Hanneman and is believed to be buried near Hemet, CA. Else Kincaid became Elsa Chillingworth and is buried in Hilo, Hawaii on Hawaii. Eddie Kincaid is also believed to be buried near Descanso and the Ellis Ranchin San Diego Co. Josephine Kincaid became Jo Jones. Lucy Kincaid married Ed Ledford (aka Loren Edgar Leford) but they divorced in the 1900's. Their daughter was my grandmother, Lorene Edna (Ledford) Kirwan and she was a remarkable woman who told me our family history, including Elam's. Elam's father in law was shot out of his saddle on the ranch in 1882 over a property line dispute, and his murderer was tried and sentenced. He went to jail - he went to San Quentin. I do not know how he came to know my GGGGrandmother, but I wonder if the San Quentin connection is part of it. Anyone with information or questions about this family's history can contact me at Ancient Faces.
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Colleen Standley Death Ends Long Life YUBA CITY (Sutter Co.), September 29 - Henry Bantas HEIKEN, aged 82, a highly respected rancher, died yesterday afternoon at his home near Tudor. He was born in Hanover, Germany, February 8, 1824, and came to the United States in 1851. He arrived in California in 1854. Besides his wife, he leaves three sons - Hobart W., John B. and Frederick HEIKEN - and one daughter, Mrs. Josephine M. MINDEN. He was a member of Enterprise Lodge, No. 70, F. and A.M., and the funeral services will be conducted by that order at 1:30 to-morrow afternoon. The interment will be made in the Yuba City Cemetery. Henry died September 28, 1906. His surviving wife is Margaret(Egan) Heiken.
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Colleen Standley Miss Welmet(Henshaw) Hobson married a Mr. Calvin Thomas LEDFORD and settled a homestead with him in Indiana after 1873. They came out west by way of a covered wagon from North Carolina and had children along the way. They had: Sylvester Clarence Ledford (6/3/1866 - 11/5/1886), Kalula Mae Ledford (8/11/1868 aka Mamie) Loren Edgar Ledford (2/11/1871 - 3/27/1929 - my GGrandfather) Walter Dallas Ledford (6/16/1873 aka Dal) Haley Otto Ledford (5/1/1875 - 1875) and Charles Oscar Ledford (1/19/1877). Calvin had 7 siblings and is believed to have been descended from Harmon Buze Ledford and Mrs.(Hazely) Leford of NC. There is a Ledford Cemetery in Yancy Co., NC. Calvin died in 1877 and left Mrs. Ledford with 4 children in Indiana after complications from an injury sustanined from a horse. Mrs. Welmet Ledford aka Mettie - REMARRIED to Calvin Luther NEWLIN and had one child by him: Gertrude Estella Newlin on 1/17/1892 My grandmother, Lorene Ledford Kirwan of CA remained in touch with the Newlin Famiy for many years and was godmother to some of their children.
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Colleen Standley My grandfather was the son of George and Mary Standley, and whose grandparents were George and Mandy Standley.
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