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About: I am researching the following names: Basham, Akin(s), Fabriguze, Clark, Reburn, Miller, Nelson, Wheeler, Cotton. I currently live in Kentucky but grew up in Texas. My Basham ancestor that I can go back to is Jonathan Basham who was married to Elizabeth Hogan.

Researching: Miller, Clark, Nelson, Wheeler, Cotton, Basham, Fabriguze, Reburn

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Cynthia "Candy" Basham King Brown, Bell, Reburn on USS Samuel Gompers 1981. In 1981 the USS Samuel Gompers AD-37 went on a "West-Pac" (cruise) to Hawaii,...
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This is a photo of my Grandfather James Reuben Basham, his wife Ella Mae Akin Basham, their son Reuben James Basham, his daughter Cynthia (Candy) Basham and...
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This is a photo of a young woman who is unknown to the living members of my Basham family
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This photo was taken in the home of George and Martha Basham. George's father was Edward Basham
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