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About: searching the surnames Timberlin, Pratt, Grant, King, Baker, Wilcox, Pine, Waters, Chesebro, Hayner, Wells, Allen, Scriven, Guile, Cooke, Fenner, Rowley..

Researching: Allen, Wells, Baker, Scriven, King, Grant, Waters, Pratt, Wilcox, Cooke, Rowley, Fenner, Pine, Hayner, Timberlin, Chesebro, Gukile

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Fred Timberlin, Bertha (Wilcox) Timberlin and Children Archie & Ethel Timberlin
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Photo was taken for a friend who was going off to war. Was to be sent to him but he died before she could mail it. We belive his name was Willie Shaunessey
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This is the wedding photo of Elward Wellington Pratt and Hulda Baker. Elward died 3 yrs later before his only child was born. She was named Elwarda after him.
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DawnTimberlin Whitesel Michelle, I was also born a Timberlin..I know our families connect through a common ancestor but it is a ways back..I belive one of my great great grandfathers siblines went to Indiana from New Jersey, My GG Grandfather went to North Pownal VT. Would love to see what info you know and talk :) my email is capegirl33@adelphia.net hope to hear from you!
Mar 27, 2010 · posted to the story Not many Timberlin's