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About: I am a decendent of the Freemans from douglas Co., Missouri. Most of them are buried at Brushyknob cemetery. I am also a decendent of the Burress line from Kentucky and Tennessee. Some other surnames are Moran, McConnell, Perry, Hutchinson, White and many others :-)

Researching: Mcconnell, Perry, White, Dunn, Moran, Freeman, Clinton, Burress, Mckinsey

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I recently received this photo. The woman is my great grandmother, Stella I don't know when it was taken or what her last name was at the time, possibly White or Moran. The front of the picture just gives the guys name John Dun, the last name could be any variation.
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On the right is my grandfather(who is deceased) his name was Dalton but he went by Dal. He served in WWII and I do have pictures with the ship numbers for some of the ships he was on. I do not know when or where this picture was taken and I would like to know who the guy is on the left. My grandfather isn't known to take pictures with nonfamily members. By the looks of my grandpa in this picture compared to other pictures he looks to be the same age as when he joined. He was living in California when he joined was born in Tennessee but was raised in Missouri. He was in the Navy.
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Artie was born in 1889 so this picture was taken in 1889 or 1890
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Photo was taken late 1940's early 1950's. No later than 1953 since that is the year Samuel Passed away. The woman standing in the partial frame is Maxine Page. Taken in Douglas County, Missouri
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This is the only photo known to exist of the 4 sons of Henry Clay Freeman and Ann Freeman. The exact year taken is unknown but Samuel passed away in 1953 si this picture was taken before then but I estimate in the mid to late 1930's early 1940's. I have a lot of pictures of the Freeman Family in Douglas County, Missouri. I also have pictures of the family cemetery in Brushyknob so feel free to contact me if you would like some pictures or geneology information.
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