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Updated Nov 08, 2021


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Amanda Haga commented on Jan 18, 2009
hey. my mom is a dunn. her name is ina faye dunn. she was married and became a haga. she was born in memphis and she is 44 now. birthday is june 18, 1964. if you know anything about her or family members of hers please let me know. id love to meet the rest of my family.
Yvonne Unknown commented on Oct 31, 2009
EL PAPA ANDREW DUNN Y ALGUNOS DE SUS HIJOS EN SUD-AMERICA 1860? ANDRES DUNN CASADO CON MARGARIT HART LLEGO AL PERU CON SUS HERMANOS Y CUÑADOS THOMAS DUNN CASADO CON ELIZABETH HART; JOHN DUNN CASADO CON MARY GOODELL THOMAS HART CASO CON CRISTINA CASTRO EL ABUELO ANDREW DUNN PRESBITERANO, SE CREE QUE VIAJO POR EL MUNDO COMO PREDICADOR PARA LUEGO RADICARSE EN PERU LOS HIJOS EN PERU DE ANDRES DUNN: Bella Dunn Hart Margarita Enriqueta Dunn Hart 1875 Andres Dunn Hart 1877-1920......... Alejandro Dunn Hart 1885 Isabella Dunn Hart 1892-1941 Juana Dunn Hart 1899 Martin Dunn Hart D: 1954 Descendientes de Andres Dunn Hart, casado en Ecuador con Rosario Maquilon Torres (Y TODO EMPEZO POR SABER DE TI) Hasta la 4ta generación. Andres Dunn Hart, nacido en 1877, Lima Peru, fallecido en 1920, Guayaquil Ecuador (a la edad de 43 años). Casado con Rosario A. Maquilon Torres en 1901 con - Alejandro Dunn Maquilon. Casado con Judith Barreiro Carbo, con John Dunn Barrero, nacido, Guayaquil. Roberto Dunn Barreiro, nacido, Guayaquil. Alejandro A. Dunn Barreiro, nacido, Guayaquil. - Elisa Oderay Dunn Maquilon. ( ésta es mi rama ) Casada con el Coronel Eliseo Espinosa Medina, con Remigio Espinosa Dunn. Casado con Blanca Cecila Moncayo Gonzales, con Alexandra Cecilia Espinosa Moncayo. Casada con Luis Felipe Trujillo Sanchez, con Paulo Alejandro Trujillo Espinosa. Remigio Armando Espinosa Moncayo. Casado con Monica Patricia Miño Montalvo, con Matias Espinosa Miño. Juaquin Andres Espinosa Miño. Romeo Espinosa Dunn. Oscar Marcelo Espinosa Dunn. Casado con Gloria Albuja Bastidas, nacida, Quito, con Y del Pilar Espinosa Albuja, nacida, Quito. Casada con Llerena Hernandez, divorciados, con Verito Llerena Espinosa, nacida, Quito, Ad. de Emp.. Casada, Quito, con Santiago Javier De la Rosa Mera, nacido, Quito, Ad. Emp.. Sandy Llerena Espinosa, nacida, Quito, Ing. en Sistemas. Gladys Espinosa Dunn. Vinicio Espinosa Dunn. - Bella Amabilia Dunn Maquilon. Casada con Gumersindo Intriago Mendoza, con Mauro Alfredo Intriago Dunn. Casado con Greciela Elena Legarda Brückmann, divorciados, con Diana Intriago Legarda. María Veronica Intriago Legarda. Casada con Hernán Arturo Torres Trujillo, con Juan Pablo Torres Intriago. María Veronica Torres Intriago. María José Torres Intriago. Paula Fernanda Torres Intriago. Graciela Intriago Legarda. Mauro Intriago Legarda. Andres Intriago Legarda. Paulo Intriago Legarda. Casado con Marcia Villamar Barciona. - Maggy Dunn Maquilon. Casada con Antonio Cordovez Davalos, nacido, Riobamba, con Antonio Cordovez Dunn. Margarita Cordovez Dunn. Santiago Cordovez Dunn. Fabian Cordovez Dunn. Monica Cordovez Dunn. Pablo Cordovez Dunn. Ricardo Cordovez. - John Dunn Maquilon. - Andrés Dunn Maquilon - Hilda Dunn Maquilon - Alejandro Dunn Maquilon Ya llegamos a 1.000
Tahirah Dunn commented on Jan 16, 2011
Bessie McKnight born 1926 is an african-american. She became a nurse studying out of Baltimore, Maryland. I believe she traveled a lot during war and station times during her early 20's. She birthed a son January 26th 1952. According to ancient faces records; Vance Dunn was stationed in Japan AROUND 1947. I'm sure he traveled as well and very frequently to North Carolina. Karl Dunn, son of Bessie McKnight passed February 14th 1997. My name is Tahirah Dunn. I am his daughter. He never knew his father, only stories from my grandmother about his father being in the military. I have a son almost two, his name is Tahir Khairi Dunn. I am trying to retrace my roots for closure and for the raising of my son. I only know my maternal family history, would love to retrace my paternal history.
Sammy Boyd commented on Mar 20, 2013
This appears to be two brothers: L to R: Eugene, born circa 1920; Leslie, born circa 1918. Photo taken in 1934. This picture was found among Skillern, Flippo, and Dunn families in Florida, Georgia or Tennessee. Keywords: William Anderson Skillern and wife, Mary Lula "Lou" (Burns) Skillern. Do you know who these boys are? Please contact me here, or at SammyAndLucy (at) ..........Thanks!
James Dunn commented on Nov 16, 2014
He was a tough love kinda person he loved me even when you didn't think he did we never said I love you to one another through out my whole life but I knew he loved me when he had his stroke there wasn't ever a time that I saw him we didt tell one another some times he even told me first I always wanted to be with him even tho he rode my ads all the time I wouldn't had rather been any place else I always had what I needed I miss him and even after 5 yrs of him being gone I still think about him every day I can't tell you how many times we would be riding down the interstate with me wanting to tell him that I loved him it would be on the tip of my tongue but I could never get it to come out if I could go back I would have told him ever since I was a kid (RIP).
Richard Dunn commented on Dec 14, 2020
My Grandfather was Dunn, my Grandmother was McNew. They had 5 daughters, and 1 son. The girls were Arbutis (Mae), Lavene , Joyce, Louis, and Judy, the son was Lindell (Gene). I believe the majority of them resided throughout Indiana, but think there were some kin throughout Kentucky, Oregon, and possibly other states. The only surviving members I think are Louis and Judy, and alot of the younger generations.
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