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About: I was born an Idaho Brewer (my Father's Mom was a Nelson, her Mom a Peterson). My Mother was a Davis (her Mom was an Anderson, and her Mom was a Mizer). The Nelsons came from Sweden, Petersons from Norway and settled in South Dakota. The Brewers came from Virginia, (somewhere in VA, we have blood ties to Robert E. Lee) Maryland, Indiana, Nebraska, and South Dakota. In 1931, my Dad and his family migrated to Idaho. My Paternal Great Grandmother Virginia Wolfe came from Iowa, and married James A. Brewer of Indiana, and they migrated to Nebraska. John Anderson of Pennsylvania married Mary McClellan of Louisiana. My Great Grandfather Edward Pascal Anderson, their son, was born in Indiana. He/they migrated to Missouri (somewhere in there, he met and married Seville Ellen Mizer). One of their children was my Grandmother Flora Elvina Anderson-Davis, who was born in Ozark Co., Missouri. (The Andersons stayed pretty much in Missouri). Grandma met and Married my Grandfather William Columbus Davis also of Missouri. His mother was Matilda Killingsworth of either Florida or Mississippi, but the family resided in MS and Arkansas. His Father was Jim Davis of McNairy Co., Tennessee and they eventually migrated to Missouri. We are somehow related to Jefferson Davis. My Anderson-Davis Grandparents raised their family (my Mom) in Arkansas. During WWII, my Mom, the baby of 13 children, ventured out of Arkansas (most of her siblings stayed back there, some moved to Missouri), to go to work for Boeing Aircraft as a "Rosie the Riveter." After the War, she moved to Idaho with some of her Seattle friends. Boise, Idaho is where she met and married my Daddy. Over the course of time, my kids and I have lived in Idaho, and SLC, Utah. I am glad to be back home in Idaho, but 2 of my 4 children still live in SLC; 1 lives in Boise, and my baby and his family live in Delaware (stationed in Virginia during his Navy years, and met and married a Delaware girl.

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Dolly Mae Hurworth as a young lady, no date or location offered by the submitter.
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William Jackson Lafayette Cain and Pansy Mae "Dolly" Hurworth Daniels on their wedding day on September 1, 1950 in Boise, Idaho..
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A photo of a young Edward Pascal Anderson, date and location not offered by the submitter.
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George, Millie & Billy Brewer in Boise Idaho in 1947.
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Virginia Wolfe Brewer Smith, husband Jesse Everett Smith and children Andrew, Margaret and Ruth Smith
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