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About: My Family that i know of camr from around Gonzales,Co,Tx. Leesville Tx Gonzales,Co,Tx,Stockdale Wilson,Co,Tx, San Antonio,Bexar,Co,Tx. the West , Ivey , Rhoades , Mahan are kin to us i know. hope to get info on these soon. thanks layne

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This is my Daddy,William Edgar Rhoades. Born 21 Oct 1922 Gonzales Co,Tx Died : 4 August 1977 Gonzales Co ,Tx Had Cancer and Died. Fun Loving Person, everyone loved him. He would Give you the shirt off his Back. He was 10 years old in this Picture. My Brother Shelby Ray is the copy of my Daddyyoung and old. Parents are Artie Emily West Mack Rhoades Grand Parents William Oliver West and Susan Laura Caraway. Great Grand Parents, Jameses "Jim " Caraway & Matilda Long.
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Uncle Matt Madison West's Mother. Wow, what a sweet one.
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William Hampton and Miram Hemby West
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Twins Johnnie & Donnie Rhoades
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This Is Artie Emily and Mack Rhoades Only Daughter , They had her and 1 son, My Daddy (first name unk) Aunt Gillis Married Jessie Leroy Jones from Uvalde, Texas
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Aunt Artie, Aunt Fan, Uncle jess, Aunt Gay, Aunt Fannie. 2 of the West sisters who Married Rhoades Brothers
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My Precious Little great Grandmaw Susan Laura Caraway West. She Married William Oliver West from Leesville Gonzales Co, Texas. Does anyone Know where Goose Creek Tx Is? Her Daughter Artie Emily " West" and Mack Rhoades were My Grand Parents.
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This Is Uncle "Pete" Olvie Leon West and Aunt Sebrina Laclara "Brister" Sweet Family Both were Hard Workers. One of Susan Laura Caraway's Son's and William Oliver West From Leesville Gonzales Co,Texas Area
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Jim & Thad Rhoades in military uniform.
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This is a picture of Uncle Matt Madison West and Susie Massey. It looks like a Wedding Picture maybe. They were wonderful People and I stayed with them a lot.
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Elaine Kennedy what a precious precious thanks for sharing... do yu know if there is any kin from Gonzales County Area the Rhoades is a hard one for me to trace... My Parents were William Edgar Rhoades and Joyce J Irle from Gonzales Co,Texas My Daddy's .. Mother's Parents were John W. Irle Sr. and Maude Blance moore Parents was Mack Rhoades and Artie Emily West.Mack Parents were John H. Rhoades and Louisa Styles. hope to hear from you soon Thanks Layne
Jan 14, 2005 · posted to the photo Elsie & J.C. Rhodes
Elaine Kennedy we had a Fannie " West " Rhoades in our Family and they spelled their name Rhodes they were from Baytown,Texas. wonderful people . Layne
Oct 31, 2004 · posted to the photo Rhodes sisters
Elaine Kennedy where was she from ? there is West and Shipmans both in Nixon Gonzales Co, texas
Oct 12, 2004 · posted to the photo Elizabeth (Shipman) West
Elaine Kennedy Thanks Betty Layne
Oct 12, 2004 · posted to the photo Ada West and Family
Elaine Kennedy Thanks Betty for your Info it is greatly appreciated Layne
Oct 12, 2004 · posted to the photo Matt Madison West and Susie Massey
Elaine Kennedy Hi Glenn , My Great grand Father i believe it was was married to Louisa Stiles. My grand Father was Mack Rhoades from leesville Texas In Gonzales,Co,Texas . there was a Jim.. Thad ..Mack.. fan ... Gay..William Rufus Rhoades ,Jess Fly Rhoades and several of the Rhoades Brothers Made to West Sisters 3 in fact.one being Grand Paw Mack Artie Emily West Wm Rufus ...Matilda Miriam West Jess Fly .... Fannie Lee West My email is merk471@livingston.net What was your Mothers Name? who was your Father ? Please let me know I will help in all I can Layne I am a Rhoades Maiden Name from Gonzales,Co,Texas
Aug 29, 2004 · posted to the photo Rhoades Stiles (my g grandmother)
Elaine Kennedy Correction the year on this was 1965 not 1956 sorry. Grandmaw was precious . Miss her so much and Lord I Loved her to death. Layne
Mar 19, 2004 · posted to the story Precious Memories Of My Grandmaw Artie Rhoades,2
Elaine Kennedy great picture
Mar 17, 2003 · posted to the photo Beryl Chaney/Guy West
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