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About: Researching surnames from East Texas right now, i.e. Green, Hinson, McLeod, Cooper, Patterson, and will come back on and update this later. I am mainly coming to this site by recommendation as I have lots of old pictures that I would like to share with others and will be scanning and uploading to this site for that reason.

Researching: Cooper, Patterson, Mcleod, Tipton, Green, Warren, Rector, Hinson

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...please see original photo titled Netta Gardner baby for complete description of all four pictures and return of these photos to closest living relative... Karen
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...note all four pictures are on heavy hardboard paper, probably taken late 1800s... ...see description for photo titled Netta Gardner baby for complete info and possible return to closest living relative if you recognize this baby... Karen
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...please read photo description for photo titled Netta Gardner baby for info regarding all four photos and possible return to closest relative... there are 4 photos in all... Karen
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...on the back it says either Netta Gardner's baby or Netta Gardner baby... so not sure if this is Netta or her baby... also am uploading 3 more photos of same child... all say Gardner baby on them... ...if you recognize this child and or name of Netta, please contact me as I wonder why I have them and if a Gardner is somehow related to one of my relatives, however, I have no Gardner name listed in my Family Tree at this time... ...also, have personal project called Project Return Home, and if you are closest living relative, you may have all four of these pictures... Karen
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...my great great grandmother married a Yeager, and I have an Ida Yeager listed, but nothing else, and no Henry Odom listed, so if anyone recognizes Henry Odom, please contact me so help me fill in this puzzle... thanks... Karen
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...found treasure again of Gideon Pierce Yeager, born 1858, and his wife, Margaret Erzula Patterson Yeager, born December 28, 1858...
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...this photo was on a page with two other photos with Yeager names... ...one of my Patterson relatives, Margaret Erzula Patterson, married G.P. Yeager and this was one of the photos... ...I have to wonder if this might be Margaret's mother...
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...Alfred A. Patterson and unknown child in wagon probably in Devol, Oklahoma...
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...yet another treasure found of my great grandfather Alfred A. Patterson, who was born in Arkansas and lived also in Oklahoma... ...my grandfather Jesse Patterson was my grandfather (my mother's father)...
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...yet another found treasure, however, I do not even have this Patterson listed, so it has given me another name to "fit into this huge puzzle"... ...however, the name on the photo, who took the picture, says J.S. Shaw out of Naples, Texas... now I am not sure if this is related or not, but I have a J.M.C. Shaw who married a McLeod, who is also on the Patterson side, so not sure if they are related... ...anyone who might be able to give me some insight, will appreciate... ...by the way, on the back of this photo, it says Viola E (I think) Patterson, and underneath that the name McGee...
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Karen Green-Warren ..please contact me..I have some ideas how you might find out who these folks are...
Sep 11, 2003 · posted to the photo Texas Rangers, Company E
Karen Green-Warren ...oh my gosh... I think I have a picture very similar to this... ...I've got to hunt and see... would you happen to know if these girls lived in the East Texas area...
Sep 11, 2003 · posted to the photo Bathing Beauties of 1940 maybe
Karen Green-Warren ...this is a wonderful picture, and the photo album is just beautiful...or is it a picture with some kind of cover... what a unique piece of history to have...
Sep 11, 2003 · posted to the photo Enlisted man in a Confederate cavalry uniform
Karen Green-Warren ...this is another beautiful picture... the serenity that comes across in her face is just beautiful...
Aug 11, 2003 · posted to the photo Kansas City Beauty
Karen Green-Warren ...this IS a beautiful photo...it almost comes alive, and she is, indeed, very beautiful... thank you for sharing this wonderful picture...
Aug 11, 2003 · posted to the photo Lovely Etta