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KristinaKuhn Krumm Phillip Heller was born on 4 Jul 1833 at Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania, church records in Pennsylvania show he was born Oct 7, 1834. History of Wyandot county, 1844 his birth is listed as July 4, 1824. He was baptized on 16 Nov 1834 Dauphin Co., PA. He emigrated in 1826 to Ohio came with parents. This date obviously a typo in the history book, as he was not born until 1833. Should maybe have been 1836? He lived with Johannes Adam Heller and Fanny Heller on 9 Oct 1850 at Perry twp., Wood Co., Ohio. He married Sarah Ann Switzgable, daughter of (--?--) Switzgable and Mary Nells, on 30 Nov 1856 at Mount Blanchard, Hancock Co., Ohio, by Rev. James DeLielle. Recorded on Aug 7, 1857, by N.E. Childs, probate judge. In 1860 Phillip's occupation was as a farmer at Wyandot Co., Ohio. He and Sarah Ann Heller appeared on the 1860 Federal census of Forest post office, Jackson twp., Wyandot Co., Ohio, enumerated 27 Jul 1860, real estate value $1000; personal propert $400, two children listed, Mary and Louisa. Also living there is James Clossin, age 45 born in Conn.; Lewis Heller, age 18 (~1841 born in OH; John Heller age 13 (~1846) born in Ohio (not sure who they are). He began military service on 9 Aug 1862 at Upper Sandusky, Wyandot Co., Ohio, enrolled in 101st OVI. He mustered in Aug. 30, 1862 at Camp Monroeville, Ohio, volunteering to serve three years of duty. Discharged at Quincy, Illinois, May 11, 1863, on account of disability. His discharge papers list he was "thrown from a [railroad] car at Cincinnati, Ohio on the 1st of September 1862. Has done no duty since. Constant pain in small of back, pain and weakness in legs. Palpitation of the heart on taking the least exercise. General weakness and nervousness with difficulty of urinating. Excused from duty on Sept. 1, 1862 at Covington, Kentucky on account of pain in back." -R. Nicolls, Surgeon. Further documents reveal: "While standing guard at a car door, he was accidentally pushed off the platform by the soldiers who rushed to the door, as the train moved into the city, thereby severly injuring his back.". Following is a list of Battles that the 101st took an active honorable part in up to May 1863: The Perryville Campaign, Oct 1-20, 1862. The Battle of Perryville, Ky., Oct 8, 1862. The Murfreesboro' Campaign, Dec 26, 1862-Jan 4, 1863. The Battle of Nolensville, or Knob Gap, Dec 26, 1862. The Battle of Stone's River, Dec 31, 1862 - Jan 1,2, 1863. This battle is where comrade John Nederhauser was wounded. He was described as Height: 5' 11", Medical: blue eyes, light hair. He bought land in WYANDOT COUNTY: 11 JUN 1868: book 23 page 103: Buys E1/2 S1/2 E1/2 of SW1/4 in Section 3 of Jackson twp. Philip Heller buys from Christian and wife, Fredrica, Ruff this plot of 5A that is bounded by RR on north and by highway in east. It includes a sawmill. (PROPERTY A) This same day he sells a property to Christian Ruff for $900 of 30A in Jackson twp. being North part of SE1/4 in Section 2 with a reservation of 50feet along the Railroad (PROPERTY H) I do not have notes of when Philip purchased PROPERTY H. 29 jun 1871: book 24 page 659, Buys 5 A; lies south of Secton 34 Philip Heller buys from Christian and wife, Fredrica, Ruff for $350 this 5 acre strip lying south of south line of E1/2 of SE1/4 of Section 34 (PROPERTY B). This parcel Philip sells to Amos Miller on 31 May 1872 for $350 21 nov 1879: book 33 page 411, Buys 2 lots in Richland twp. Philip Heller buy from Isaiah and wife, Anna, Jones for $250 one lot of 1A+4rods located start SW corner of W1/2 SE1/2 in section 34 running 33rods by 8 rods (PROPERTY C); another lot along highway of 5A+70rods (PROPERTY D) 2 may 1881: book 35 page 435,Buys 2 lots in Richland twp. Philip Heller buys from Wm A Manon etux for $40 two lots. one starting at SW corner W1/2 of SE1/4 in section 34 of Richland twp, 33rods on south line by 8 rods; and another lot of 5A. (repeat of PROPERTY C & D). Both PROPERTY C & D he sells to his son-in-law, Jacob Gaster, 24 Mar 1884 for $300 25 aug 1886: book 41 page 603, Buys 28acre in Jackson twp, Wyandot Co., OH Philip Heller buys from Delphos Clason for$500 fractional South of RR and off W side of W1/2 of SW1/4 of section 2 being 28 acre. (PROPERTY E) 30 Jun 1887: book 45 page 193, Buys 1/3 interest in John LA and wife, Sarah LJ, Heller's land for $500 one third of the fractional lying south of RR and off W side of W1/2 of SE1/4 of section 2 in Jackson twp. being 28Acre. (repeat of PROPERTY E) 25 jul 1894: book 49 page 548, Buys 18.5 acre in Jackson twp., Wyandot Co., OH Philip Heller buys from David Mark etal for $400; start 24chain north of SW corner of SW1/4 in section 2 of Jackson twp., thence South 7chain+40sinks; thence E 5chain+57sinks; thence south 16chain+16sink; thence E 5chain+57sink; thence North 25 chain+83sink to the RR forming the north boundary. (PROPERTY F). This same day Philip sells to Mary Ann Mark 9.25Acres of this plot for $200 20 jul 1895: book 51 page 59, Buys from son John LA. John is listed as unmarried and "of Coshocton Co." This sale for $100 consists of 5A in Jackson twp., being 1/2 of pt of NE1/4 of SE1/4 in Section 3 (PROPERTY G). Between 1870 and 1906 Phillip's occupation was as a Carpenter at Jackson twp, Wyandot Co., Ohio. Phillip Heller and Sarah Ann Heller appeared on the 1870 Federal census of Jackson twp., Wyandot Co., Ohio, enumerated 20 Jun 1870, real estate: $3000, Personal: $400. They have Susan, Isabelle, John LA, Martha, Linda and Charles listed at home. Also living there is Amos Miller age 20 laborer born in Oh. In 1880 Phillip's occupation was as running sawmill also listed with "spinal disease" at Jackson twp, Wyandot Co., Ohio. He and Sarah Ann Heller appeared on the 1880 Federal Census of Jackson twp, Wyandot Co., Ohio, enumerated 6 Jun 1880, there are seven children at home at this time: Susan, John LA, Martay, Lynday, Charles, Eligah and Ida. Also living there is an uncle, Eligah, listed with a "lame Back" and a boarder, Edward Coleman, from Switzerland. He applied for a Civil War pension in 1882 Heller's near neighbors to their address RD#3 Forest, OH: Randolphus Grafmiller & Andrew J Baker. Near neighbor from 1859 to present (1882) John Laubert. Injury to spine 1 Sep 1862. Acquaintance for 15 yrs. John H Miller + Peter Miller. NOTE FROM KRIS: I have sent for and received copy of all the papers in his pension files. I have a copy of his Will also. Phillip Heller had an historical biography printed in 1884 at Jackson twp., Wyandot Co., Ohio, : under Jackson Township heading: "PHILIP HELLER, born July 4,1824, in Dauphin County, Penn., came with his parents to this part of the country in 1826. He is the son of Adam and Anna (Massner) Heller, both born in the year 1806, natives of Pennsylvania, and of German parentage. Their family consisted of three children, -Philip, Almira and Mary A. The subject of this sketch, being left an orphan at the age of six years, was compelled to labor for his board and clothes until his sixteenth year, when he engaged in a woolen factory, pursuing this work until the outbreak of the Mexican war. He then enlisted at Buffalo, going directly to New Orleans; but, the war having suddenly closed, he was honorably dismissed, and returned to Toledo, Ohio, where he engaged on a fishing boat until 1846. He was next engaged in a machine shop at Fostoria for one year, and after that as civil engineer for two years. Leaving that occupation, he again resumed work in a woolen factory at Findley for one year, but after that time removed to Blanchard to engage in the same work, buying a half interest in a factory at that place. At Blanchard he remained four years, at the expiration of which he removed to Wood County, where he erected a saw mill and lath factory. Six months were spent in this enterprise, after which the carpenter's trade was taken up and followed till August of 1862. He then enlisted in the United States service, One Hundred and First Regiment, going into camp at Monroeville, Ohio. At Perryville his first engagement took place, and he afterward did skirmish duty at Cumberland Gap. Receiving injuries of the spine, he was placed in the hospital, and soon after received his discharge at Quincy, Ill., for disability. He then returned to Wyandot County, bought thirty acres of land, and engaged with the railroad company at a good salary till 1868. He then purchased the farm where he now resides. In January, 1856, Mr. Heller was married to Sarah Switzkable, ten children blessing their union -Susan, John L. A., Louise B., Martha J., Malinda, Charley, Elijah and Ida L. George and Maggie are deceased. He is a Democrat and member of the G. A. R." and then in the same book, page 837 Phillip is listed as Trustee to Jackson Twp, Wyandot Co. in 1875 and 1876.. Phillip Heller and Sarah Ann Heller appeared on the 1900 Federal Census of Jackson twp., Wyandot Co., Ohio, enumerated 7 Jun 1900, own their farm free and clear. Sarah reports she is the mother of 10 children 7 still living. Grandson, Edward lives with them. Two doors down is the family of Robert and Mary Gaster. Phillip Heller and Sarah Ann Heller lived in May 1905 at Forest, Hardin Co., Ohio. Phillip's wife, Sarah, applies and receives guardianship over Phillips proclaiming him an imbecile. She lists he has Stock and Farm implements worth $300 and 28 acres of land in Jackson twp., Wyandot County with a value of $1,400. But later in same packet it goes on to describe the land and lists it's value at $1,120. There are two parcels. The first is 23 acres in Jackson twp., Wyandot Co in the SouthWest part of Section 2, and the other is 5 acres in same township being in West half of Section 3. He died on 12 Sep 1906 at Jackson twp., Wyandot Co., Ohio, at age 73. Phillip had an obituary 14 Sep 1906 Upper Sandusky, Wyandot Co., Ohio, "Philip Heller, for many years a resident of Jackson Township, died Wednesday morning at 3 oclock, death being caused by paralysis. He had been ill the past two years and had been seized with paralysis four times, having suffered the last stroke a week ago. Mr. Heller was born in Pennsylvania July 4, 1833, being in his seventy fourth year. When a young boy he came to Jackson township with his parents, and had resided there since. he had always been a successful farmer. Mr Heller is survived by a wife and seven children, namely, Charles and Elijah, of Jackson twp.; John of Apple Creek, Mich; Mrs Susan Gaster, Mrs. Martha Warner, Mrs Isabelle Warner, and Mrs Linda Hartman, all residing in the vicinity of the homestead. The funeral services well be held at Shiloh Church Friday morning at 10oclock Rev D.C.Garison officiating . Burial at Jackson Center cemetery". He was buried in Sep 1906 at Jackson Center cemetery, Forest, Hardin Co., Ohio. His estate was probated in Oct 1906 at Wyandot Co., Ohio, page 392 shows that Philip owned four parcels of land at the time of his death. These he left to his wife as long as she remained his widow. Otherwise they were to be sold and profits divided. In reading the land record these parcels are described but no section numbers are listed. In my calculation it appears he still owned PROPERTY A, G and a combination of F&E all total abt 28acres, plus a lot in Smith's Addition in Forest, Hardin Co., Ohio that is 50x270. All four are transfered to Sarah on Oct 12, 1906. (Sources available upon request)
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KristinaKuhn Krumm Martin LAUTERBUR was born on 9 Aug 1831 at Dalheim, Luxembourg. Between 1850 and 1860 Martin's occupation was as a farmer at Seneca Co., Ohio. Martin LAUTERBUR appeared on the 1850 Federal Census of Seneca twp., Seneca Co., Ohio, in the household of his mother Anna LAUDERBURGH. As of 1858, he was also known as Mathias LAUTARBER. As of 1858, he was also known as Mathias LAUDERBUR. He married Mary RIDENOUR, daughter of Henry RIDENOUR and Elizabeth ADELSPERGER, on 15 Apr 1858 at St. Boniface Catholic Church, New Riegel, Seneca Co., Ohio, by Father Nicholaus Gales; sworn by Henry Ridenour, Groom = Martin. Sponsor's are Paul Lauterbur & Susanna Ridenour. Marriage date listed as April 13, 1858 in St. Boniface records. He and Mary LAUTERBUR appeared on the 1860 Federal census of Berwick, Big Spring twp., Seneca Co., Ohio, enumerated 20 Jun 1860, real estate value $1,200; personal property $300. They have one child so far, infant Theodore. He and Mary LAUTERBUR sold land in Section 1, Big Spring twp., T1,R13, Seneca Co., Ohio, to Henry Ridenour, Martin's father-in-law, the NE 1/4 of the SE 1/4 [40A] for $1700, the sale was dated 13 May 1864. He was a sponsor at the baptism of William Henry RIDENOUR on 14 Dec 1864 at St. Boniface Catholic Church, New Riegel, Seneca Co., Ohio. As of 1870, he was also known as Martin LAUDERBURGH. Martin LAUDERBURGH and Mary LAUTERBUR appeared on the 1870 Federal census of (rural), Adrian, Seneca twp., Seneca Co., Ohio, enumerated 24 Jun 1870, surname spelled "Lauderbaugh". Real estate value $2000; household $400. Five children at home: Theodore, Maria, Sarah, Mary and Joseph. Martin's wife, Mary, lists she is unable to read or write. Martin LAUTERBUR and Mary RIDENOUR lived in 1879 at Big Spring twp., Seneca Co., Ohio. As of Mar 1880, he was also known as Francis Edward. He and Mary LAUTERBUR appeared on the 1880 Federal Census of New Riegel, Seneca Co., Ohio, enumerated 1 Jun 1880, they have six children at yet at home, Theodore, Josephine, William, Joseph, John and infant, Frank. Mary LAUTERBUR and Martin LAUTERBUR lived in 1895 at Tiffin, Seneca Co., Ohio ; south of the city, near St. Francis Orphans home. He died on 30 Apr 1901 at Eden twp., Seneca Co., Ohio, at age 69 at his son, William's home. Martin had an obituary 30 Apr 1901 Tiffin, Seneca Co., Ohio "DIED - LAUTERBAR - At the home of his son, W. R. Lauterbur, south of this city, Tuesday morning, April 30, 1901, Martin Lauterbur, age 70 years, of a complication of diseases. The deceased leaves several children. The funeral will be held Thursday morning at 9:00 at his son's residence, conducted by reverend W. A. Keesey. Interment at Greenlawn cemetery". He was buried on 2 May 1901 at Greenlawn cemetery, Tiffin, Seneca Co., Ohio. Martin also had an obituary 2 May 1901 Tiffin, Seneca Co., Ohio "Martin Lauterbur, age 70, died at the home of his son, south of this city at 4:00 AM Tuesday. Mr. Lauterbur was widely known in this county, and is the father of a large family of children, most of whom live in this vicinity. The funeral services will be private and will be held on Thursday morning at 9:00 conducted by Rev. Keesy. Interment in Greenlawn". (sources available upon request)
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KristinaKuhn Krumm I recently acquired two old photo albums previously owned by a Strausbaugh/Wright family member. Very few are marked of course... most pof these were taken 1890's to early 1900's. Most were taken in Tiffin, Ohio. There is: 1. Sara (Strausbaugh) Kuhn (b.1839. D. 1912) with husband, Joseph Kuhn; 2. Their daughter, Sadie (Kuhn Morrow, 3. Ida Bracht. (Daughter of Joseph Brachr and Catherine Strausbaugh); 4. Ida's brother, William.; 5. Sadie (Morehead) Tempert, w/ William, half sister to Peter Wright.
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KristinaKuhn Krumm I have an ancestor David "Platts" that lived in Stark Co. Ohio. born in Pennsylvania about 1794.
Oct 03, 2008 · posted to the photo Grandma and Grandpa Piatt
KristinaKuhn Krumm I have in my database an Elmer Ellsworth Wells, b. 24 apr 1864 in New York. He moved to South Bend, Indiana and married my cousin, Lydia Folk, in 1884. Any relation? I have photo of him and his wife and kids online here at Ancient Faces
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KristinaKuhn Krumm Do any of your photos have the place they were taken printed upon them? Many of my "Unknowns" have the name of photographer and location of their studio upon them
May 20, 2006 · posted to the photo unknown 14