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About: The Smith family I am looking for are from Shawneetown, Ridgway, IL, OH, Greene County, PA, KY and Tenn., and some could have come from Scotland and Ireland so I have been told. I could use some assistance if you don't mind giving a little hand.

Researching: Smith, Back, Riley, Moore, Lamb, Akins, Essex, Hise, Bradon, Braton

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This is my mum and myself at the age of about 15 months.
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My mum Anna Mae Travelstead-Young in the light blue sweatshirt, Fannie Travelstead-Burnett in the middle and Elizabeth Travelstead at the end. They are the last of the girls living of Joseph Tafman and Sarah Marguette Parks Travelstead.
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This is Steve Street and his family. This was his first family reunion. It was the smallest and the coldest. Steve and his family are from CA.
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This was my great uncle Barney Clifford's nieces. Beulah and Deliah are standing in the middle. The other two are relatives.
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This photo was taken at my second family reunion. The woman in the photo is my aunt on my mums side of the family. Travelstead
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This photo was taken when I was 17 years of age. I made this gown for a wedding that I had catered.
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This is a photo of myself and my husband.
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This photo was either taken in New Haven, IL or Harrisburg, IL. I am not real sure where it was taken.
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This photo of Sandy Smith-Distel and husband. Were married in Tucson, AZ. May 1, 1999.
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LadySandySmith Distel I will be updating photo from this one.
Jan 24, 2009 · posted to the photo Lady Sandy Smith-Distel
LadySandySmith Distel Tabatha: my email is you can reach here if you need be...or you can reach me by phone...
Feb 18, 2008 · posted to the story Looking for birth-family
LadySandySmith Distel Additional information. Joel Claud was married to Lillie Belle Seely about 10/25/1917 which was his first wife. They had 2 children, Josphine, and Joe. More information to come.
May 26, 2006 · posted to the story Smith's of Southern IL