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I don't know who these people are but this photo was found amongst my grandpa Simpson's things. It could have been his grandparents but not sure. The woman in the photo resembles my grandma who was my grandpa Simpsons wife. If she is related to my grandma she could be a Kelley or a Platt.
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These are two photos that were in my grandpa Simpson's collection. The one very serious young man alone looks alot like my grandpa Simpson and maybe him or one of his brothers. We think the other two young men may have been from the Way family. We don't know for sure where they were taken at but could be Corsicana, TX or possibly Alabama since both families came from those areas.
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I belive the one on the left is my grandpa Roy David Simpson or possibly one of his brothers. That would make this photo circa 1900 or there abouts. Other possibilites is the Way family both the Way's and the Simpsons were from the Corsicana,TX area during that time period.
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Found amongst my grandpa Simpson's photos we think her name was Minnie Simpson. Minnie was written in pencil on the back of the photo. She could have been a member of any of these familys, Simpson,Way,Platt, or Kelley
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