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Nita Pearce In Germany it was manditory for young men to go into the Army at age 21. My grandfather, Henry W. Schuermann, was turning 21 in July of 1883, so he decided to "get out of Germany". He worked in a coal mine and one night in late April or early May, after his shift was over, he made his way to the coast, boarded a ship and left for America. He arrived at the Port of Philidelphia, made his way to Ohio where his older brother, William, met him. They then went on to Dickinson Co. KS where his brother lived. He later married a sister of William's wife. In 1893 he went to Anthony KS joined in the Run for free land in Grant Co. OK. "The Cherokee Strip" He drove a horse and buggy and staked his claim. He received a messge that his wife had just given birth to a son so he went back to Dickinson. He did not register his claim and when he got back some one had "jumped his claim". He then had to choose from the School sections. These were sections set aside for shools to be built later. He chose a section near what is now Jefferson, Grant Co. OK, which he later had to pay for. He worked his farm until 1929 when he lost it due to the "Crash of '29". He rented another farm where he lived until about 1941. He then moved into an apartment above a store in Medford. I remember him taking me to the movie, Gone With The Wind, in about 1949. He won a 3 lb.can of Folgers in the ticket raffle during the intermission. Grandpa loved music and started his own band in 1900, known as the Jefferson Band. This band played for dances and such for several years.When he came to CO to visit he always made me go to the piano and sing with him while my mother played. He had some crippled fingers on his right and and he would "tap" me on the chest with his knuckles and say " Sing from der chest not from der nasal". Those knuckles hurt, but he had no idea. I remember him saying, he was not afraid of lightning, but when it clouded up he would holler for mother to come and play the piano and he went around closing all of the curtain. He never spoke German and did not allow hi family to. He rode on a Trailways bus in 1945 from Medford OK to Fowler CO to visit us and had to stand or set on his suitcase most of the way. His legs were so swelled I was sure they would always be that way. Henry died in July of 1954 at the age of 92. He was a good and loving grandfather whom I loved very much.
Dec 01, 2002 · posted to the surname Schuermann
Nita Pearce Thomas Pearce, born 1 Jan. 1745 New York City, left Frederick Co. MD in late 1780's bound for KY. He served in the Rev. War in MD Infantry and was with the army at the surrender of Gen. Cornwallis on 19 Oct. 1781. Living in Fleming Co. KY his first wife died and he married Elizabeth Collins in 1799. He and Elizabeth sold the land in Fleming Co. KY in July 1799 & headed for OH. Thomas was the first white settler and built the fist log cabin in what is now East Market Street, Urbana, Champaign Co. OH. He was considered a squatter. several children by his first wife traveled with them and William (b/1801)who was possibly born on the trail. Their second son, Milton b/1803, was the first white child born in the Urbana area. In 1805, when the town of Urbana was to be layed out, Thomas moved his family to another location just north of town, where a City Building stands today, and built a second log home where he farmed, raising corn for the rest of his days. This home was later used as a school house, being the first school house in that area. Thomas' corn field later became a race track. Thomas died in June 1826 and is buried on the family farm. Thomas was the father of 19 children. Source: History of Champaign Co. OH. Published in 1881.
Jan 05, 2003 · posted to the surname Pearce
Nita Pearce John Dahlem, brother to my great grandfather, came to America before 1880 from Germany, he sent a letter to his brother, Fredrick, offering to send money for a ticket to bring one of his nephews to America. Fredrick and wife discussed this and decided they did not want to part with any of their children. They wrote a letter to Uncle John telling him not to send the money. They gave to letter to their daughter, my grandmother, to mail. Her brother,Fred, offered to mail it for her, but instead he opened it and added a letter of his own, telling his uncle to send the money because the family was in dire straights and promising to take care of his folks. When the letter came from John, Fred's parents were furious and thrashed him. The letter was put on the mantel behind the clock. That night, after everyone was alseep, Fred crept in took the letter and made his way to the coast, where he boarded a ship bound for America. Once in America he made his way to his uncle John's in Gage, Nebraska. The two of them saved what they made until Fred was able to send money to bring his brother's, Karl & Henry over. The four men were then able to send for the rest of the family in 1889. This included my grandmother, Carloina.
Dec 01, 2002 · posted to the surname Dahlem
Nita Pearce Harry H. Biby. Pueblo CO.
May 17, 2003 · posted to the photo Walking On Main St.
Nita Pearce My brother, Jimmy was killed in a tragic auto accident in Aug. 1966 He was only 31 years old. Father of 3 sons. This is why his picture is here. Nita Pearce
May 14, 2003 · posted to the photo Jimmy
Nita Pearce William James Berry could be part of the Berry family in my family tree. Family of Andrew Jackson Berry born VA migrated to Jasper Co.IA I will do some checking on this. This is interesting. Nita Pearce
May 17, 2003 · posted to the photo William James Berry