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Maggie Curran Greene Jul 10, 2013
Shea - Oh my! Sounds like the men in my life! lol . . . and how quickly we forget . . . he has a namesake! Thank you so much for finishing her story!
Frank G. Ellis Apr 25, 2013
Mary - Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your great-grandfather's story. Personally, I think the "colorful" people in our family are far more interesting than the "upstanding" (and boring!) citizens....
Kristina Klemash Apr 09, 2013
I loved reading about your memories of your grandparents and of the area where they lived - where I live now! Thank you so much for sharing your story.
You are beautiful girls and look just like your mother! She would be so proud of you.
Hello Peta - This is a real person who is listed on the Social Security Death Index by the United States Government. Hopefully, a family member will add more information about Pericles Parry...
Frank Edward Kroetch Mar 05, 2013
you remember trying to find gold near the railroad tracks at his house? or digging clams with grandpa and ted?
long long ago in a place far away . . .
oops! I'm sorry - look at me, being so ego-centric!
Ed - the address on 93rd Street is the one that the Library of Congresss had on the photo when it was taken. If they were wrong, thank you so much for setting the record straight!
Meredith - I don't know much about Lt. General Evans - just what I read. You'll notice that the photo is from the United States Library of Congress and he isn't part of my family history. I just...
Oops, I'm sorry - you're right. Just one brother survived him . . . I have now officially flunked history!
Angela - That's a really neat picture but it looks like a "doughboy" uniform to me - World War One. Are you sure that this is the Civil War?
Thank you for setting the record straight, Diane. I just went by what was on the internet - and we all know that the internet isn't always correct! Are you a descendant?
What a neat memory of Thanksgivings past, Marcia! I've never done more than taking the pin feathers out of a chicken - and that was really tough! Your poor sister! ; )
Marilyn Monroe, 1949 Nov 15, 2012
Diane - this is a well known photo of Marilyn Monroe on the beach. If you google her, you'll find the picture as well as information about it. I think it was taken very early in her career, when...
Wonderful story, Alexa! And she was beautiful enough to be Miss Italy - probably outshone Miss Italy on the boat! ; )
Hippies at Woodstock? Oct 03, 2012
Really Doug? You knew them? how cool is that!! I wonder if Bob will see this and tell you' what he's doing now. And it was correct, this was Woodstock. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your...