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Name: Kathy Pinna
Member since: Jan 03, 2003 4440 days old
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About: I am researching Tasker, Jones, Bowen, Rees of Wales; Kroetch, Chartrand of Canada; and Boggs, Ferguson, Smith, of West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky. Also Steeples of Kansas.
Surnames: Smith, Chartrand, Jones, Tasker, Kroetch, Millard, Benning, Pinna, Winne

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Maggie Curran Greene Jul 10, 2013
Shea - Oh my! Sounds like the men in my life! lol . . . and how quickly we forget . . . he has a namesake! Thank you so much for finishing her story!
Frank G. Ellis Apr 25, 2013
Mary - Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your great-grandfather's story. Personally, I think the "colorful" people in our family are far more interesting than the "upstanding" (and boring!) citizens....
Kristina Klemash Apr 09, 2013
I loved reading about your memories of your grandparents and of the area where they lived - where I live now! Thank you so much for sharing your story.
You are beautiful girls and look just like your mother! She would be so proud of you.
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