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About: I am interested in the surnames Pinna, Benning, Kroetsch, Medeiros, Finazzo, and Kroetch
Surnames: Kroetch, Kinslow, Medeiros, Doudell, Cassidy, Righetti, Pinna, Benning, Finazzo, Kroetsch, Tasker, King, Temple, Rubio, Edwards, Black, Jenkins, Jones

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Jerry Lee Lewis did marry his cousin (actually that is her in the photo - Myra Gale Brown). I'm not sure about abuse though... She was very young when they got married.
Carl W. Sharp May 15 12:25 pm
This is great! So Carl wasn't actually Scottish but decided to dress the part while he was on leave? So glad you shared this amazing photo.
Gaspare Marino May 15 12:20 pm
I love the wedding photo you shared! Gaspare died of a broken heart? Did his wife pass shortly before him? I'm so sorry to hear this but are glad to see you celebrating his life online.
Teodulfo David Dizon Apr 17 10:17 am
What a story - thanks for sharing! Do you know approximately when this photo might have been taken?
Charlie Canham Apr 16 11:26 am
This is wonderful! Do you know what kind of uniform Charlie is wearing?
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