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About: Raleigh, Watts,Brantley, Jackson, Corrington, Deaton ,Truitt, Davidson, Raleigh, Wilder, Combs, Johnston, Peck, Techemeyer, Moore, Allen, Baker, Burchfield.
Surnames: Johnston, Moore, Burchfield, Wilder, Peck, Deaton

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This isn't the only Turner/Johnson marriage. Also, there was a wrote: Nancy Johnston who was begat by Campbell Johnston and Sarah (Sallie) Turner. The Johnson name is sometimes spelled Johnston...
Grandmother Jan 10, 2005
What state and area would your Moore line come from? Frankie
Peck (Pack) brothers Jan 10, 2005
We are from the Peck line that came to Kentucky from Virginia, then went into Ohio. What area was the Pack's from in your family? Frankie
Unknown War Boys Jan 10, 2005
Was the grandfather who passed this down a Moore? What state and area were they from? Frankie
What state and area are William and Polly Moore from? This is a great photo. Frankie
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