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About: Apsley, Ashley, Beck, Bennett, Coleman, Crouch, Elburn, Fletcher, Frampton, Hadaway, Hynson, and Huth- all of Eastern Shore, Kent Cty, MD except Huth, which is Germany/Kansas/Oregon
Surnames: Fletcher, Coleman, Beck, Ashley, Bennett, Crouch, Hadaway, Frampton, Apsley, Hynson, Huth, Elburn

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Check your family history for a family with 10 children. Also this is the same mother with the 3 children in one of your other pictures.
More info on front: John Muteheart brother of Maggie Howard and great uncle of Joseph Altman (children or childer).
Wish I could see more of their clothes; it is a style I haven't seen with the ribbon at the neckline.
I haven't found any connection; one of the Ray's did eventually marry a fitzsimmons; I think they had school or church together? I was going to look into uniforms during that time period as most...
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