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Name: Cindi Scott
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Surnames: Bailey, Scott, Miller, Cooper, Massey, Ramsey, Stover, Willis, Estep, Slack, Mckinney, Ashworth, Blake, Lanham, Siders, Biddix

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Sanford Oley Lanham was born July 25, 1912, in Jackson Co, WV, USA. He married Ruby Margaret Ramsey on Sept 30, 1936 in Kanawha, WV. Ruby's DOB Aug 27, 1920 and DOD Apr 15, 1980. Sanford's parent's...
1/6/1915 an Olivia Buckner Minicuka filed for divorce from a japanese man named Rev. Minichuka. She charged that her husband had been cruel. They had been married for 12 years. Could this be the...
From 1812-1840, this point of sandstone was known as Marshall's pillar, or Marshall's column -- named in honor of U.S Chief Justice John Marshall, who visited in 1812 in connection with plans for...