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About: My name is Chasity Ann Conley, Born to Jerry Alan Romack and Patti Lynn (Crawford,.) Grandparents are George Alexander Crawford Jr who married Patricia (Freeman), And DR. Frank Eldon Romack who married Nema Nadine (Evans.) George Crawford's Parents were George Alexander Crawford SR who married Dollie Mae (Ellis), Patricia's Parents were Roland Freeman who married Frances Lee (Motsinger.)Frank's Parents were William Henry Romack who married Ada Nell (Jackson.) Nema's parents were William Ryburn Evans who married Martha Ann (Pond.)George's Parents were Lewis Myrtle "Jake" Crawford who married Lena Frances (Oakley.)Dollie (Ellis)parents were Rev. Ross Monroe Ellis who married Minnie Mae Strawser Roland's parents were Rolla Way Freeman who married 1.)Bertha M. Elliott, 2.)Ollie (Denhart)Frances's Parents were Dennis Elmer Motsinger who married 1.)Helen A. (Faris.)2.)Maude Mae (Bridgewater.)William Romack's father was Henry Clark Romack who married Margaret (Manion)Ada's parents were William A. Jackson and 1. Elizabeth (Bishop.)2.)Parlea (Bishop)William Evan's father was maybe a William Evan's who married Sarah Caroline (McMurtrey) Martha's parents were James Irvin Pond who married Rebecca Jane (Meeks)Rolla's parents were William Laton Freeman who married Eva (Anderson)Henry Romack's parents were William A. Romack who married Mary Clark, he is the son of John and Nancy (Richards) Romack. William Jackson's parents were James Jackson who married Martha (Morris), His father was Manley Jackson. Parlea (Bishop) parents were William Henry Bishop who married Sarah Elizabeth (Houston.) William L. Freeman's Parents were Eleazer Freeman who married Margaret (Loomis)His father was Thomas Freeman. Bertha (Elliott)'s parents were Amos Elliott who married Sarah (Kirby)Sarah was orphaned as a young child was raised by her Great Aunt Lucy Clements. Dennis Elmer Motsinger's parents were Lewis G. Motsinger who married Lurenza (Morris.) His father was John Riley Motsinger who married Chloe (Lane). Maude (Bridgewater)'s parents were Samuel Edward Bridgewater who married Missouri A. (Robbins.). I married a Conley in 2007 but am in the process of getting divorced at this time
Surnames: Ellis, Jackson, Evans, Bishop, Conley, Crawford, Stout, Freeman, Childers, Elliott, Coward, Motsinger, Romack

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I know that the one on the far left is Amos Motsinger What i do not know is the other three men in this photo. They could be his brothers in law or cousins.