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About: Researching: Mother's side: Boone, Stone, Richardson, Whitehurst From Virginia (Roanoke, Botetourt, Albemarle, Troutville areas of Virginia) Native American (Cherokee), and Scot-Irish ancestry on this side. Father's surnames: Franks (German), Thornton (Native American- Cherokee), Whitley (Cherokee/White), Lee (Native American), Massengill (don't know much of this side), Adams (don't know much), Moody (don't know much). This side is from North Carolina, Johnston County, Selma, and Wilson areas.

Researching: Richardson, Lee, Boone, Stone, Thornton, Massengill, Moody, Adams, Whitley, Franks, Boon, Whitehurst

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This is a picture that was hanging in my mother's grandparent's house, called the Boone House, I believe in Roanoke, VA. What I can make of the photo, painting, or sketch, is a young indian lady, with a feather in her hair, two long braids, and wearing what may be traditional indian clothing. I believe its very old, maybe from the 1800s. If its a painting, it may have been done by Rosa Boone, my great great grandmother, who was a talented painter, a self portrait, or maybe even one of her mother or one of her daughters.
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