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About: First and foremost I am a Mother! After that what time is left, I have decided to return to school and finish my Bachelor's degree. After that I love spending time researching my family heritage and scrapbook and photography. Our family loves to play outdoors, ride horses and get together with friends and cook out on our land. Nothing else is important other than God.

Researching: Beasley, Clark, Baker, Evans, Campbell, Walker, Cordell, Maness, Cron, Bardin, Huckabee, Dougan, Falaris

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This is a photo of my great-grandmother Alma Elizabeth Clark-Evans and I (Robin Rene Cordell-Inge)
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This is actually a double headstone. My Great-Aunt Gracie and her husband Marion are buried side by side.
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This is a photo of my great great grandmother Amanda Elizabeth Dougan Clark. She was married to William Henry Clark of IN. Her father Joseph Dougan served in the Civil War for the State of IN/
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