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I'm interested in finding ancesters for Charles Rose Harper, born about 1824 in Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana and died April 13, 1889 in Kaufman Co., Texas. Dr. Harper served in the 2nd Reg., Texas Partisian Rangers in the Civil War. He married Susan Bain, born about Sept. 1838 in Oldham Co., KY and died in Oct. 1905 in Frederick, Tillman Co., OK. Pictured are the four sons of Charles Rose Harper, Tilford Edward, Charles Lee, Matthew Drake, and Alonzo Llewellan. Any help with his ancesters would be appreciated. We have his wife's family and their children, etc.
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I'm interested in finding ancesters for Sallie "Lou" Hutton, born in July 9, 1879 and died in 1917 in Davidson, Tillman County, Ok. She married William Edwin Wright on Dec. 2, 1899 in Collinsville, Texas and lived most of her adult in Davidson, Tillman, Oklahoma. Any help with her ancesters would be greatly appreciated.
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I'm looking for ancesters of Sarah Jane Briscoe, called Sallie, born Nov 3, 1870 in Baxter Springs, KS and died May 19, 1944 in Frederick, Tillman County, OK. On November 3, 1870, Sallie Briscoe married Tilford Edward Harper, born April 11, 1860 in Quitman, Wood Co, Texas and died Oct 25, 1915 in Tillman Co., OK. They lived most of their adult lives in Frederick, Tillman County, OK where they farmed and raised their family. Any information about Sallie Briscoe's family would be appreciated
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I'm interested in locating ancesters of William Edwin Wright, born Aug 6, 1876 in Tennessee and Died Oct 30, 1951 in Amarillo, Texas. Ed Wright lived most of his adult life in Davidson, Tillman County, Oklahoma. W. E. Wright married Sallie "Lou" Hutton, born in 1879 and died in 1917 in Davidson, Tillman Co., OK. Any help with William Edwin Wright's ancesters would be appreciated.
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