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For 15 years now I I have ran into a brick wall in the early-mid 1800's with my dad's side of the family (Harper). I want to ask all you Harpers to please accept my apology if this is a true story that I am about to tell ya'll or just gossip/rumors. I was told by a very old Harper relative that she heard as a child that my great great grandfather William Bradley Harper (a schoolteacher somewhere) had his surname changed from Hopier (spelling?) to Harper (somewhere), because a child fell into his wagon wheel and died. She didn't know whether he was running from the law and that's why he changed his name or he just wanted to hide that skeleton in his closet. Recently I did a word search on the net "killed by a wagon wheel" and only one name of a child showed up named "Isaac Clark b: June 16, 1838. He fell from a wagon, Sept. 27, 1845, and the wheel passed over his head, almost instantly killing him. page 153" from a "Records of the descendants of Hugh Clark of Watertown MA , Author John Clark, A.B. Call # CS71.C6. Any help/suggestions from anyone would be appreciated very much!

I have also been told by an old relative that she thinks that William Bradley Harper had married a Rose Ann Stovall. Another old relative says he thinks his wife was Zelpha A. Sides. Another old relative said she thinks William's mother's name was Lizy Wiginton (spelling?). Any help/suggestions from anyone would be appreciated very much!
Sep 06, 2004 · Reply
Oliver was born March 8, 1784 to Judge George and Ruth Woolcott Harper at Oakham, Worcester, MA. The family lived in Broome County, NY.

He married Tryphena Stone (born Sept. 15, 1787 Stockbridge, Berkshire, MA). They lived in Broome County, NY. Their children were Alexander Hamilton, George, Ruth (Hopkins), Charles, daughter-unknown, Harriet Jane (Severson), John M. and Betsey E.

Oliver was murdered May 11, 1824, probably by Jason Treadwell. Go to Find A Grave #8187500 for more on Oliver.

The only information I have was found online, plus what a researcher sent me.

My line is Ruth, who marred William Clark Reynolds Hopkins in Broome County, NY. They later moved to Kendall County, IL. No one in my line has any information on Oliver.

We would like to find descendants of Oliver's, in case they can add information...any letters, documents, etc the family may have handed down.

Betsey E. owned the family Bible in 1909. She was unmarried. What happened to that Bible?

Oliver was my great, great, great, great grandfather. Really want to connect with others in his family.
Dec 21, 2011 · Reply