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The experienced hands of seamstress Cora Smith Kayser show the nearly lost art of tatting, tying thread in knots and shapes to make a piece similar in appearance to lace. I took this when Grandma Cora was in her seventies and teaching a group of young girls trying to learn the craft. Cora M. Smith, [b.30 Jan 1903-Hempstead, Arkansas; d.1 Jul 1991-Little Rock, Pulaski Co, Arkansas; bd. Primrose Cem, Sweet Home, Arkansas]. Cora m1) Henry "Hank" Kayser. Both of them widowed, she m2) Hank's older brother, Louis C. Kayser. As a teenager, she had dated both brothers. Louis and his brother Charles served in France in WWI. Hank, the youngest child, was too young to go. He stayed home to help his widowed mother with the farm, and as Cora said, "he swooped in" on the lovely Miss Cora and "stole her heart."
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Mystery photo postcard in Aunt Katie [Catherine Isabelle Henry] Rollison's postcard collection. Ohio? Indiana? Unknown. Note the hat in the foreground. All the men have hats on. Any help?
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Russell Naorlevich, of the Ukraine, home from the US Army w/his Army buddy, Donald Thomas "Don" [Emmert] Battaglia, holds his Goddaughter, Female Battaglia. After her father died early, they lost touch and she seeks any information on him or the family.
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Russell Naorlevich, from the Ukraine, just back from US Army service w/friend Donald Thomas "Don" [Emmert] Battaglia. First wife: Janice; one brother; two sisters: Irene and little sister, Lala; mother may have been Maria. Godfather to Female Battaglia.
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Right half of photo preceding this. Apologize for the quality. A 1980s photocopy of a photo given to me by my Uncle Bill {William Rogers Henry, Warner Robins, GA), of part of his wife's line, whose descendants were current friends of my daughter and grandchildren. L-R on this right side are: James Marvin, Albert J. or T., and Mary E. Farnbach. My memory from Uncle Bill is there were many more children but this is the only photo he had located at the time. In the 1990s, a kind descendant and the current property owner, allowed us to tour the old family homestead, with great caution. It was even then, falling apart, but a spacious and wonderful home built to comfortably raise a large family. The kitchen area Mr. F built his wife encompassed the entire back portion of the house in a bay-window effect, with all the exterior walls of glass windows, giving the appearance of dining in the outdoors or a greenhouse. The floor was of hand-made red brick. The appliances and cooking needs were encased on a long counter opposite the windows, across from the dining table, grouped together and with many energy-efficient thoughts far-ahead of his time to the needs of a woman cooking for a large, hungry family. What a thoughtful, kind man and a kitchen to dream of even today.
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Left half of photo that follows. Photocopy taken in the 1980s by my Uncle Bill [William Rogers Henry, Warner Robins, GA] and shared with me. A line of his wife's family who happened the be ancestors of my daughter and grandchildrens' friends [the Farnbachs]. Left half shows: M. Charlotte Farnbach, Isaac Errett Farnbach, Julia Eva Farnbach. In the 1990s, though a slightly dangerous adventure, a descendant was kind enough to allow us to visit and tour the remains of the gorgeous, extra-large, old family home. Mr. Farnbach built a spacious and beautiful kitchen for his wife, and their many children, that any modern woman of today would love to have.
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Donald Thomas Emmert [b.11-30-1941-Buffalo, NY - d.2-28-1998-Elizabeth, NJ], s/o Doris Emmert, a single parent; a/k/a Donald Thomas Battaglia after c1943, when his mother married Samuel Salvadore "Sam" Battaglia [2-29-1916 - 9-20-1994]. Donald's children seek their heritage, family history, and family members known to exist by Doris Emmert Battaglia's second marriage.
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Samuel Salvadore Battaglia, s/o Gertrude M. Unknown & Anthony Battaglia, 29 Feb 1916 - 20 Sep 1994; born, lived and died in Buffalo, Erie Co, NY; brother of Gertrude; husband of 1) Doris Emmert (divorced, remarried w/child/ren by her 2d husband, now deceased), and 2) Living Female; father of Donald Thomas [Emmert] Battaglia, and Living children; Catholic. Descendants seek info on 1) Doris Emmert Battaglia; 2) Donald Battaglia's blood father; 3) Doris Emmert Battaglia's 2d marriage; and 4) her children, who are Donald's half-siblings.
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Gertrude Battaglia Hinsen, dtr of Gertrude M. Unknown and Anthony Battaglia; sister of Samuel Salvadore Battaglia; c1924-c2004. Lovingly known as Aunt Gert.
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I took this photo of my Aunt Mary, Mary Malivia [asa Malvina] Emery [Mrs. Charles Lee "Chuck"] Henry, in June 1961, in front of her marvelous garden at her home in Bloomfield, Greene Co, Indiana. She hid her hands as they were "rough," from all the work, but I believe they were green thumbs up to her elbows! One slice of a tomato from her garden exceeded and overlapped by a full inch, the bread for a tomato sandwich. My 4-yr old brother could not carry one of her cucumbers alone! She was as sweet, kind and funny as she was talented, and she blessed us with many wonderful memories.
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Sue Bodishbaugh Clara Elizabeth (Bodishbaugh)(Mrs. Byron Charles "By") Jennings; bc1866-Grayville, White Co, IL, d.19 May 1940-Grayville, White Co, IL; Anna May (Bodishbaugh)(Mrs. Clifford J.) Toops, b.8 Aug 1878-Grayville, Edwards Co, Il, d.aft 1920, prob. Elizabethton, Hardin Co, KY, md.11 Sep 1898-White Co, IL, dtr: Mabel Katherine Toops bc1900. 2 of the dtrs of Marie Angeline (Mary) Fischer and Antoine Michael (Tony) Bodishbaugh, of Schwedenburg>Ohio>Ind>Ill.; one of the settlers of Crossville, White Co, IL.
Apr 22, 2006 · posted to the photo Sisters, Clara & Anna Bodishbaugh
Sue Bodishbaugh I have the tiny original, owned by Pearl and passed down thru 4 generations. A letter from a man in Missouri told of his grandparents' info to him as a young child, of Dr. Flying Cloud passing thru, staying w/them for a time, preaching, that his plains style headdress came from Sitting Bull while he was at Big Horn, and Flying Cloud was then abt 4-yo. One day, as his norm, he took his Bible and walked on down the road. He was an old man by then and the headdress much worn and tattered. Last I have been able to track him. Family stories from Uncle James that he visited and ate w/the Dreher fam in McCurtain Co, OK regularly. Relative of the Thomas clan there, and husband's ggrandmother, Mary Frances Thomas [Mrs. George Dreher].
Mar 06, 2005 · posted to the photo Doctor/Chief Flying Cloud
Sue Bodishbaugh I have her lengthy flowry obit typical of the era, and copy of the funeral invitation card; and same for Anthony "Tony." Sue
Jul 26, 2004 · posted to the photo Tombstone: Bodishbaugh, Mary A.
Sue Bodishbaugh We are researching the Krumbholz/Zopf line. Appreciate any help from family members. Sue
May 10, 2004 · posted to the photo ZOPF, George & Ruby's 50th Wedding Anniversary
Sue Bodishbaugh Sorry. That should be Arch Street Pike, not Ironton Road. Sue
Apr 13, 2004 · posted to the photo Louis Christian KAYSER and first born
Sue Bodishbaugh Clara Vashti Hiers d/o George Harlie Hiers 11-14-1852-31 to 10-1930 & Sarah Frances Jordan 1856-11-4-1900, Walterboro, Verdier Twp, Colleton Co, SC; gdtr/o Solomon Jefferson Hiers & Mary A. Carter.
Sep 25, 2003 · posted to the photo Clara Vashti Hiers and John Washington Wells
Sue Bodishbaugh Dana M.(Webb) Hastings md.Howard Yeager, s/o Bessie Hubbard & John F. Yeager. John & Bessie of Hamlin, Lincoln Co, WV. Children Harry, Howard, Mabel, Patrick, Frnaklin, Sylvia, b.Seth, Boone Co, WV. Chuck Yeager was a first cousin.
Aug 02, 2003 · posted to the photo Dana (Webb) Yeager, Dancing With Her Son
Sue Bodishbaugh Typo - this should be BLOOMFIELD, Indiana.
Jun 03, 2003 · posted to the photo Bloomfield School, 8th Grade
Sue Bodishbaugh a/k/a SHEILA ELIZABETH BROWN, Cranford, Providence Co, Rhode Island.
Mar 31, 2003 · posted to the photo Sybil Evelyn Elizabeth Crawford Drawdy Brown Lee
Sue Bodishbaugh Goodness. Plz look at the photo of my dad, McKinley Webb, in his military uniform and tell me these men aren't related! Sue
Feb 23, 2003 · posted to the photo Reginald B. Webb
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