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About: I found an old trunk in what used to be my G-Grandparent's barn(Gann side of my Family). This trunk had very old personal letter's and postcard's saved from back when Oklahoma was Indian Territory. The letter's were written by different family member's from Arkansas to Indian Territory. The oldest letter I think is dated 1884. I also recently met a cousin who had my G-Grandmother's(on my Walker side) old Picture box, He was kind enough to let me bring it home and scan everything inside. My Grandmother(Elva Joy Walker(Gann) also introduced me to a Cousin named Theola Walden Baker who compiled "The Gann Family 1705-1996". Once I 1st read it and with all the above, I've been "hooked" ever since! I'm researching names on my Dad's side of Bailey, Gann, Green, Dooly, Moreland, Spann, Smart, Trout, and Walker. I'm also researching names on my Mother's side of Baty, Mace, Morris, Mixon, and Oakley. Thank You in advance for any light you might shed on my Family Tree history yet to be discovered by me. Sincerely, T. D. Walker

Researching: Morris, Shipman, Bailey, Oakley, Walker, Smart, Mixon, Green, Gann, Mace, Trout, Moreland, Spann, Dooley, Baty, Dooly, Batey

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My Great Aunt Bessie Green(Gann) had this picture hanging on her wall for about 40 years. She moved to California back in the early 1940's and said she worked on 6 different ships there. I have no name for this ship. Does anyone know the name or why there seems to be a name on the front that has been painted over with white paint? On the back is written C-1 Cargo and the numbers "414".
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My Great Aunt Bessie Green(Gann) handed down this picture to me. She told me that she moved to California and worked on 6 different ships back in the early 1940's. This picture has been hanging on her Living Room wall for about 40 years. I don't have a name for the ship at this time. The only thing written on the back is "Frigget". Does anyone know what the name of this ship was and why there seems to be a name painted over on the front side?
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Looking for any info on this Family. I don't think anybody even know's we exist. Loy Glenn Morris was my Biological Grandfather. I know that Glenn lived in Tyler,Tx and his parent's lived around Houston,Tx. I've been told that I still have living family member's in both places. All of these people on this document have now passed away.
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This is Photo #2 of 5 of the Tupelo Mississippi Disaster of 1936.
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This photo belongs to a friend of mine. This photo is 8 inch's tall by approximately 4.5 feet long. It took me 5 scan's to get it all scanned from one end to the other. I thought some people would like to see it. Hand written on the back of this picture is "Joe Wallace and Elizabeth Wallace".
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My Great-Grandparent's on my Dad's side. They were the parent's to Henry Austin Walker who married Elva Joy Gann who in turn had my Dad Thomas Henry Walker who married Billie Glenn Morris who in turn had me.
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I have no idea if I am related to anybody in this picture? It was recently found in what was my G-Grandparent's picture box. My G-Grandparent's were Thomas Andrew and Ola Catherine Walker(Green) who passed away living in Caddo,Oklahoma.
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Td Walker Sadly we all lost Elva Joy back on Jan, 27, 2012. She is now laid to rest next to Henry at Perkins Cemetary in Caney Oklahoma.
Feb 24, 2013 · posted to the photo Henry Austin Walker/Elva Joy Gann
Td Walker His name was spelled "Zackariah" with a k, he not only went by "Zack" Bailey he also went by "T.R." Bailey. He's one of my Great-Uncles.
Aug 25, 2006 · posted to the photo Zachariah "Zack" F. Bailey
Td Walker I have pictures of her, if you would like copies let me know.
Aug 25, 2006 · posted to the photo Martha(Gann,Bailey) Jones
Td Walker My Grandmother told me that this is William Bailey, her Uncle.
Aug 25, 2006 · posted to the photo Bailey or Gann ???
Td Walker sarahblue1 - Please contact me. I just now found your notes. Thank you, T.D. Walker
Aug 22, 2006 · posted to the photo Morris/Batey/Mixon/Oakley