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Unknown User Terzo Capadagli was born February 11, 1897 in Acqualagna,Pesaro,Urbino,Marche, Italy.His Parents ,Erminia Tontini b.December 05, 1872 in Acqualagna,Pesaro, Urbino,Marche, Italy and Arnoldo Capodagli b.June 17, 1867 in Fossombrone,Pesaro,Urbino,Marche, Italy. Had 9 Children 1) Fan├žois Capodagli 2)Caliope Capodagli 3)Terzo Capadagli 4)Amato Capodagli 5)Christine Capodagli 6)Ines Capodagli 7)Zoe Capodagli 8)Targuin Capodagli 9)Fernande Capodagli In July 22, 1913 at the of Port Genoa , Liguria, Italy ,Terzo boarded the ship Stampalia with his Aunt Esterina Tontini DeCarli to meet Uncle Guiseppe DeCarli in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. August 06, 1913 arrived at Ellis Island,New York: he had $25.in his pocket and at age 16 was 5'3"tall. They went from New York to Milwaukee,Wisconsin then on to Iron River, Crystal Falls,Iron County, Michigan,USA. Terzo was in the U.S.A. Military S.S.# 369-03-3597 worked at M.A.Hanna Co. Iron River,Iron County,Mi.as a Minner. Terzo married on March 11, 1920 in Iron River ,Iron County,Michigan,USA. Cleo Green b.April,6 1902 in Iron River,Iron County,Michigan,USA.Her Parents;George Burton" John" Green b.April 28, 1853 in Jefferson,Hillsdale,County,Michigan, USA.d.December 24, 1929 in Flint, Genesee Co, Michigan,USA GracelandCemetery , Flint. and Boadicea Walker b.October 18, 1858 in Lake County, Ohio,USA. d.October 27, 1937 in Flint, Genesee Co, Michigan,USA. Graceland Cemetery. 1)George Green 2)John Green 3)Female Green May 30,1878-May 30,1878 4)David Nelson Green b.June 30, 1879 5)Lottie E. Green June 25, 1881-June 27, 1957 6)Bertha A. Green b.October 09, 1883-October 20, 1886 7)Pearl Myrtle Green b.September 28, 1886-December 31, 1979 8)Flossa Green b.January 01, 1889 9)Lyle W. Green b.January 09, 1892-September 01, 1973 10)Dencie Green b.October 12, 1898-January 30, 1993 11)Cleo Green b.April 06, 1902-October 17, 1992. Terzo and Cleo had one daughter and three sons.1)Living Female Capadagli 2) Jack Capadagli b.September 22, 1924-October 27, 2004 3)Leo Capadagli b.December 18, 1925-July 30, 1980 4)Living Male Capadagli All because 2 people fell in LOVE
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Unknown User John Cline b.1822 Markham Twp.York Co. Ontario,Canada. d.February 29, 1892 Worth ,Sanilac Co.Mi. Burtchville Cemetery Lot#35 Cole Section.Married 1848 Markham Twp.York Co.Ontario,Canada Theresa Louise Ayles b.1830 England d. before August 1,1874 Markham Twp.York Co.Ontario, Canada. CHILDREN; 1.Adolphus Alphonsus Homer Cline b.1849 Markham Twp. York Co. Ontario, Canada.Married December 20, 1883 Sarah Amy See 2.Sarah Jane Cline b.August 01, 1852 Markham Twp.York County,Ontario,Canada. d.1893 in Fort Gratiot , St. Clair County , Mi. Lakeside Cemetery block H. Married August 01, 1874 in Worth , Sanilac County , Michigan. To Henry Wright b.1850 in Worth Township, Sanilac County , Michigan.d.November 28, 1920 Lakeside Cemetery, Port Huron , St.Clair County, Michigan. block H. 3.George W. Cline b.March 26, 1856 Markham Twp.York Co.Ontario, Canada. d.August 28, 1917 P.H.,St.Clair Co. Mi. Lakeside Cemetery Block H .Lot 588 g.6 Married; Maybe Markham Twp. York Co. Ontario ,Canada. To Josephine Mary Lorane Law b.April 1859 Ontario , Canada.d.September 16, 1938 St.Clair Co. Mi.Lakeside Cemetery b.Y,lot 69 g.5 4.Demaline Cline b.1860 Markham Twp. York Co. Ontario, Canada.Married July 03, 1880 in Worth ,Sanilac Co.Michigan USA. To Hannah Castor. 5.John Wellington Cline b.September 20, 1862 in Markham Twp.York Co.Ont.Canada.d.December 03, 1897 Worth ,Sanilac Co.Mi. Burtchville Cemetery Lot#35 Cole Section. Married;July 03, 1884 Jeddo Grant St.Clair Co. Mi.,B5 p121 St.Clair Co.Mi.#1802. To Rosalie Edith Fleury b.July 20, 1860 Oxford Co.Ont.Canada.d.March 22, 1956 St.Clair Co.Mi. Burtchville Cemetery Cole Section Lot # 35. 6.Theresa A. Cline b.May 19, 1863 Markham Twp.York County,Ontario,Canada.d.March 13, 1949 in Port Huron , St.Clair County , Michigan ,b.9 p. 345 Croswell Cemetery. Married;November 05, 1895 Port Huron,St.Clair Co.Mi Book Vol. 3 1887-1898 To Washington G. Harrington b.October 26, 1850 Worth Township Sanilac Co. Michigan. d.January 02, 1910 Port Huron, St.Clair Co. Mi. b.8 p.228 Croswell Cemetery.
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Unknown User George Burton "John" Green b.April 28,1853 in Jefferson,Hillsdale,County,Michigan, USA. d.December 24, 1929 Graceland Cemetery , Flint, Genesee Co, Michigan,USA Married December 24, 1874 in Farewell,Clare , Michigan Austin Harris Minister of Gospel to Boadicea Walker b. October 18, 1858 Lake County, Ohio,USA. d.October 27, 1937 Flint, Genesee Co, Michigan,USA. Graceland Cemetery. CHILDREN; 1.George Green b.in Harrison , Clare County , Michigan. Married Tillie ? 2.John Green b.in Harrison , Clare County , Michigan. d.September 23, 1893 in Died Young,1893 Maple Grove Cemetery Harris Clare Co.Mi. 3.Female Green b.May 30, 1878 Farwell, Clair Co. Michigan. d.May 30, 1878 Farwell, Clair Co. Michigan. 4.David Nelson Green b.June 30, 1879 Summerfield , Clare County , Michigan 5.Lottie E. Green b.June 25, 1881 Summerfield , Clare County , Michigan Married John Clore 6.Bertha A. Green b.October 09, 1883 Harrison , Clare County , Michigan. d.October 20, 1886 Harrison , Clare County , Mi. Maple Grove Cemetery Lot 21 Bl #4 7.Pearl Myrtle Green b.September 28, 1886 Iron River, Iron Co.Michigan. d.December 31, 1979 Burton, Flint ,Genesee Co.Michigan. Married July 04, 1907 Crystal Falls Iron Co.Mi.George Littell b.October 04, 1879 Iron River, Iron Co.Michigan. d.July 07, 1954 Burton, Flint ,Genesee Co.Michigan. 8.Flossa Green b.January 01, 1889 Iron River, Iron Co.Michigan. 9.Lyle W. Green b.January 09, 1892 Iron River, Iron Co.Michigan. d.September 01, 1973 Iron Mountain, Dickinson, Michigan. Married;Nettie Meyer b.July 16, 1890 d.May 12, 1985 Iron Mountain,Kingsford, Dickinson, Michigan. 10.Dencie Green b.October 12, 1898 Iron River, Iron Co.Michigan. d.January 30, 1993 Married;Ernie La Fleur d.January 25, 1967 11.Cleo Green b.April 06, 1902 Iron River, Iron Co. Michigan. d.October 17, 1992 Youngstown, Arizona,USA Sunland Memorial Park Sun City Az. Married;March 11, 1920 Iron River, Iron County, Michigan,USA. Terzo Capadagli b.February 11, 1897 Acqualagna,Pesaro,Urbino,Marche, Italy. d.August 14, 1974 Youngstown, Arizona,USA Sunland Memorial Park Sun City Az.
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Unknown User Horace CADWELL, farmer, Section 10, P.O. Jeddo, is a native of Oneida County, N. Y. and was born December 18,1815.d.December 12,1886 in Harris Road,Jeddo,Grant,St.Clair County,Michigan. Buried Jeddo Cemetery Lot #48 b.4 p.105 p.223 St.Clair Co.Records His parents were Daniel Cadwell b.1788 in Brattleborow, Windham County, Vermont MARRIED March 30,1812 in Wilbraham,Hampden County,Massachusetts Miss Olive Fuller b.April 30,1792 in Pawlet,Rutland County Vermont.d.July 15,1862 in Elba,Genesee County New York.In 1816, they removed to the town of Batavia, Genesee Co., and he grew up to manhood there. Upon reaching the age of twenty-one, he left home for Michigan, with only $3.50 in his pocket, and drove a team until he got fifteen miles west of Detroit, then came up the river on foot and reached this county February 27, 1836, and had not quite $1.00 of his money left. He came here in the employ of Dr. Woodward, who built the mills on the county line and went to work in the mills. He was Married September 7,1840, to Miss Margaret BURTCH b.October 22, 1824 in Westminister Township, Middlesex County ,Upper Canada now Ontario , d.January 24, 1910 in Harris Road,Jeddo,Grant,St.Clair County,Michigan. Buried Jeddo Cemetery Lot #48 b.4 p.105 p.223 St.Clair Co.Records. Her parents, Ethan Graves Burtch b.1795 in Wales England d.February 12, 1853 in Port Huron , St. Clair Co. Michigan.. and Elizabeth JONES BURTCH b.1801 in Canada.d.1877 in Port Huron , St. Clair Co. Michigan.,Horace came to this county in 1835, and settled in the town of Burtchville. Two days after they were married they moved on the place were they now live. He located the land from Government; it was all a dense woods; he cut two trees and swugn them around and made a log house, and began clearing his farm in summer, and lumbered during the winter. In the winter of 1840 and 1841, he was Collector for this town when it extended to Saginaw, he used to go to St Clair to mill, and to Port Huron, which was the nearest post office; has carried two bushels of wheat on his back four and a half miles; he has lived on this farm forty-three years, since 1840; they are among the oldest settler of this county or this section of the State; he owns 180 acres of land. He held the office of Constable and Assessor in early days. They had nothing when they began life, and their success is owing to their own efforts. They have five children-Sarah, now Mrs. LOOP; Isola, now Mrs. TURRELL, living in Clare County; Mary, now Mrs. DAVIS, living in Clare County; Orpha, now Mrs. BOTHWELL, of this town; Hannibal J. farms the home place. pg. 749 Grant Twp 1883 History of St Clair, Michigan. Horace & Margaret had 7 CHILDREN: 1)Male Child Cadwell b.March 23,1842 Harris Road,Jeddo,Grant,St.Clair County,Michigan .d. March 23, 1842 in Harris Road,Jeddo,Grant,St.Clair County,Michigan . 2)Spencer Cadwell b.November 23, 1845 in Harris Road,Jeddo,Grant,St.Clair County,Michigan. d.March 31, 1866 in Kimbal Twp. St.Clair County,Michigan. 3)Sarah M. Cadwell b.April 16, 1848 in Harris Road,Jeddo,Grant,St.Clair County,Michigan. d.October 10, 1933 in Port Huron , St. Clair Co. Mi. b.7 p. 418 MARRIED;November 12,1874 in Sanilac County , Michigan;to Joseph Jr. Loop b. 1841 Michigan.d.1938 St. Clair Co. Mi. b.8 p. 134 4)Loisa Z. Isora Cadwell b.August 10, 1850 Harris Road,Jeddo,Grant,St.Clair County,Michigan. MARRIED,April 17, 1870 Grant,St.Clair Co.Mi.b.1 p.56 # 829 George M.Lyon Minister.To Truman Turrell b.July 1853 in Canada. 5)Mary E. Cadwell b.July 01, 1853 in Harris Road,Jeddo,Grant,St.Clair County,Michigan. MARRIED,April 04, 1881 in Sanilac County , Michigan. To William Davis b.1858 St. Clair County, Michigan. d.1891 6)Albina Orpha " Bina" Cadwell b.June 28, 1858 in Harris Road,Jeddo,Grant,St.Clair County,Michigan.d. 1910 Blaine, St.Clair , County ,Jeddo Cemetery Lot # 20 St.Clair Co. Mi. MARRIED, March 07, 1877 in Jeddo,Grant Township,St.Clair County,Michigan.To William Brothwell b.May 07, 1855 d.February 02, 1889 in Blaine , St.Clair County,Jeddo Cemetery Lot # 20 St.Clair Co. Mi. 7)Hannibal Jay Cadwell b.February 19,1862 in Harris Road,Jeddo,Grant,St.Clair County,Michigan. d.February 08,1923 in McIntyre Iowa, Lakeside Cemetery P.H. section D Lot#61 grave 5. MARRIED,March 28,1883 in Jeddo Methodist Church,Jeddo,Grant Twp.St.Clair County,Michigan. To Miss Melinda Jane Decker b.May 10, 1865 in Lexington, Sanilac County , Michigan .d.September 30, 1918 in Harris Road Jeddo, GrantTownship, St.Clair Co. Mi .Lakeside Sect.D.Lot#61-4
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Unknown User Lakeside Cemetery,Section D, Port Huron, Mi
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