Baby Rose Marie Dies at 94

Created on Dec 30, 2017 by Kathy Pinna

Rose Marie Mazzetta, known professionally as Rose Marie, was a star in vaudeville, radio, television, nightclubs, and films. A comedian and singer, her long professional life - almost 90 years - left us an amazing legacy.

This is a short clip of her singing "Don't Be Like That" in 1929 - at age 6. Boy, she could really belt it out even at that young age!

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Baby Rose Marie Dies at 94

About Rose Marie Born August 15, 1923 in Manhattan, to an Italian-American and a Polish-American, her father was a vaudeville actor. She began performing at the age of 3 as "Baby Rose Marie" and made her debut in radio and films at age 5. She went on to have her own radio show as a child - and was even in a film with W.C. Fields.

Her show business career continued into adulthood, first as a nightclub performer and then on television - most notably on the Dick Van Dyke Show in the early 1960's. Making films, television appearances, and performing on stage, her career continued into her late 80's. Married once, to Bobby Guy who predeceased her, she is survived by one daughter.

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