History of Valentines Day - Sweethearts & Romance

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These photos of old Valentine's cards, sweethearts, and couples from our past remind us that love never changes - only the fashion and form of expression (and perhaps the kinds of candy). Isn't it wonderful that all over the world, for over a millennia, a day has been set apart to celebrate all kinds of love? Family, friends, and lovers are reason to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Since 1902, the Necco candy company (which has been around since the mid 1800's) has been making their "sweethearts" - candies with sayings such as "Be Mine", "Be Good", "Kiss Me", "Sweet Talk" and "True Love." Of course, some of the sayings have changed with the times and now there are sweet little hearts with sayings such as "#Love", "Occupy My


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History of Valentines Day - Sweethearts & Romance

1800's - "My Sweetheart"

A Currier and Ives print - ain't she fancy?

"The Summer girl and her sweetheart"

1897 photo showing that some things never change (except the fashion).

1861 Harper's Weekly

Showing what you should do on Valentine's Day in 1861!

Prang's Valentine Cards

1883, the push to manufactured cards

Her Marine was in France, WW I

She gave him her photo to carry.

High School Sweethearts

A Senior trip in 1943 Texas

World War II sweethearts

They married after the war.

1950's Valentine Card

Remember handing out cards like this in school? See video below:

High School Sweethearts

1967 Washington

"Ann and her sweetheart"

Found photo - all that's known is that it says "Ann and her sweetheart". Looks like the 1920's?

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