Real Life Newsies Were Very Different Than What We Saw In The Disney Film

What's he buying?

While the photo is titled "Where some of the newsboy's money goes" - we can't tell what he's buying! It may have been obvious to someone in 1910 . . . or you?

Some of them smoked!

1910 Delaware - newsboy smoking on the street.


Two darling 8 yr olds - they said that they were selling papers on a day off from school.

Pretty darn smart

Young newsies begging for tobacco coupons - they're worth a fortune today!

Newsboy - and Woolworth's

Look at everything for sale for a dime in the five and dime store window. The newsie is 10 and makes 25 - 75 cents a day.


This newsboy and newsgirl are selling papers at saloon entrances.

What are they looking at?

These NY newsboys look like they're witnessing some kind of amazing history.

"Flipping a car"

This newsboy is going to hitch a ride on a streetcar - evidently called "flipping a car" in 1909.

Whose bike?

These are both newsboys, 5 and 6 yrs old. Wonder if the bike is theirs?

Smoking & Drinking Newsie

He's 13, sold papers for 7 yrs, worked 9 hrs a day, made $1.25 a week. He drank and smoked and his brother was a messenger who knew where all of the "houses of prostitution" were.


He's not going to school, he's selling papers - thus confirming the public's poor view of these wayward youths.

"Old timer"

This is a 1910 photo of a grown-up newsboy, named in the photo as a "Heavy Man Old Timer". Does he look like a thug?

"Jefferson Street Gang"

A bunch (at the time, they called them "gangs") of newsies behind a billboard, around a campfire. It's 10p, late and cold, after they had sold newspapers all day.

1942 Newsboy

This is what you remember as a newsboy - the local kid delivering papers to your home.

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