The Indigenous People of North America

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Holy men, hunters, chiefs, merchants and ceremonial dancers - see wonderful photos of the indigenous peoples of North America. We're fortunate that photographers like Edward Curtis and Heyn & Matzen took such pains to document Native American culture around 1900. Many are included here, as well as a couple from the 1920's. Enjoy!

History: Around 1,000 years ago, Vikings came to North America. Then came the Spanish – you know that one, 1492 – the English, the French . . . But before all of them, around 12,000 years ago, settlers came from Asia. The descendants of those settlers are the Native Americans. Each group has tried to keep the next wave out – but let’s face it, we’re all immigrants!

The Indigenous People of North America

Sioux life in 1899

Sioux Indians: Indian life

Potawatomi woman 1909

Moon Beam

Great Plains Native American, Moon Beam.

"Dancing to an eclipsed moon"

Dancing to restore an eclipsed moon

Kwakiutl people (British Columbia) 1914.


Comes Out Holy

Comes Out Holy / Heyn & Matzen, Chicago.

1900 - love his name and his looks.

Susan Frost, 1899

Sioux Indians: Susan Frost

Sioux Native American

Red Elk Woman

Red Elk Woman, a Sioux girl

Sioux, 1907

Qagyuhl dancer

Grizzly-bear dancer

Wearing a grizzly bear hide, this dancer is a Pacific Northwest Native American


John Comes Again

Sioux Ceremonial Dance Costume

Sioux dancer, 1899

Sioux hunters, 1899

Two Sioux Native Americans on Horseback

Cracking Wing, 1881

Indian youth in Indian costume, Hampton, Va.

Of the Mandan peoples, this boy died 3 years later.

"Eskimo belle"

Unknown Eskimo girl

Don't blame us for the name - that's the only information on this photo. It was taken to show her fur dress.

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