Bob Hope with Lael Carr

Updated Aug 24, 2022
Kelly Sullivan shared a photo
on Dec 22, 2016 3:36 AM
A photo of Lael Carr with Bob Hope. Robert F. Carr was what our family called a Golf Pro, he played in many tournaments as well as taught Golf in California. All of his children played golf too. This was one of the tournaments that Bob Hope was also playing in. Lael is one of Eloise M. and Robert F. Carr's daughters. I am not sure, but this may have been in Long Beach or Palm Springs, California around 1948 - 49.

My cousin gave me the date range of when she had her photo taken, but I forgot to ask her where, exactly it was taken in California. If any one knows, I would like to add that information to the photo. Thank you.
Date & Place: at California in California United States

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