Dorothy Ferguson Kroetch with Baby Elaine Kroetch

Studio photo of Dorothy Ferguson Kroetch (wife of Hollis Kroetch, daughter of George Ferguson and Nancy Boggs Ferguson) taken with her infant daughter, Elaine. Elaine was born in 1924, followed by 3 more siblings - Fred, Frank, and Juanita (known as Norma). This photo was probably taken in Hoquiam or Aberdeen, Washington.
Date & Place: in Hoquiam, Washington USA

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Kathy Pinna
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Kathy Pinna
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Lori Russell
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Daniel Pinna
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Daniel Pinna
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This is THE photo to try and replicate for all mothers with their children...this is simply beautiful.
Jun 04 · Reply
Lori Russell
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Yes it is very beautiful
Oct 24 · Reply
Kathy Pinna
25.3k+ favorites
Our fav pic of my grandmother and our aunt - her firstborn. I guess it was a common type of photo at that time (early 1920's).
Oct 26 · Reply
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