Gerda Taro

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Gerda Taro
A photo of Gerda Taro, born Gerta Pohorylle.She used the name Gerda Taro for her career as a photojournalist, mainly covering the Spanish Civil War.

Born in Poland in 1910 into a middle-class Jewish Galician family, she grew up in Germany. The entire family was forced to flee Germany when the Nazi party came into power. Gerta (she was 23) moved to Paris. Her parents headed to Palestine, her brothers to England, and she wouldn't see any of them again.

After meeting photojournalist Endre Friedmann, becoming his assistant, and falling in love, she became a photojournalist herself. (She later refused to marry him.) They traveled to Spain in 1936 when the Spanish Civil War broke out and she became a famous photojournalist in her own right.

In July 1937, while covering the war, Taro hopped onto the foot board of a car carrying wounded soldiers. A Republican tank crashed into the car and she was critically injured - dying the next day (just days before her 27th birthday). She was buried in Paris.

Gerda is considered to be the first female photojournalist to cover a war and the first female photojournalist to die in a war.
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War photographer Gerda Taro is being celebrated by Google today. She was an amazing woman.
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Gerda Taro
Gerda Taro was born on August 1, 1910 in Poland, and died at age 27 years old in 1937 in Brunete, Madrid County, Comunidad De Madrid Spain.
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