HALYX Promotional Poster for 1981 Disneyland Performances

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HALYX Promotional Poster for 1981 Disneyland Performances
The promotional poster for HALYX which performed at Disneyland in Anaheim California for the summer of 1981.

Lora Mumford was the lead singer of Halyx which blended science-fiction and rock and roll (inspired from KISS and Star Wars) and performed in Tomorrowland on the stage of Space Mountain during one summer.
Date & Place: at Disneyland Park 1313 Disneyland Dr, in Anaheim, Orange County, California 92802, United States
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Lora F Mumford
Laura Francine Mumford's father was Wilbur James Mumford, and her mother was Joyce A. Mumford. While she was born in North Carolina it looks as though she spent most of her life in California. She went by "Lori" in her high school years. Her life was highlighted in YouTube channel Defunctland when they released "Live from the Space Stage: A HALYX Story (2020)" which focuses on the short-lived stage show HALYX which performed during the summer of 1981 in Disneyland. HALYX had a unique sound inspired by the band KISS and Star Wars that played in Tomorrowland on the Space Mountain Stage. While they only played for one summer they made a lasting impression. Lora was the lead singer of HALYX, and while she is widely recognized as having an extreme talent, she never made it to stardom. After the 1981 summer in Disneyland she was perusing a record deal for her and the band but it fell through and HALYX disbanded. She ended up taking a job as a waitress near Disneyland hopeful that future opportunities would present themselves. In 1987 she lived at 333 W. 25th St in Long Beach CA and in 1996 she lived at 5435 E Garrick Dr in Anaheim California and then moved to 20015 Clear Rive Ln in Yorba Linda CA. She passed in 2011. See the promotional poster for HALYX at HALYX Promotional Poster for 1981 Disneyland Performances
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