January 23rd 2023 - Celebration of Life

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January 23rd 2023 - Celebration of Life
I attended your Celebration of Life today at Darling Fischer Garden Chapel in downtown San Jose. Father Gary Thomas presided, and David, Jo Harmon, and Pamela Fernandes-Smith spoke about the lovely shining woman you were. Afterwards, your guests socialized at the St. Claire Club while your family laid you to rest in Madronia Cemetery in Saratoga.

I got to enjoy your favorite Scotchmellow candy, which I agree, is delicious!

Rest in peace Beverly...
Date & Place: at Darling & Fischer Garden Chapel 471 E Santa Clara St, in San Jose, Santa Clara County, California 95112, United States
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Beverly Clarice (Washington) Scoffone
Beverly Washington was born in Spokane Washington and is sister to business tycoon Dennis R Washington (born 1934). She grew up in Bremerton Washington and later moved to Willow Glen located in Santa Clara county in the California Bay Area. Beverly moved from Bremerton to the San Jose area at age 15 when her mother, Ginger, moved to San Jose. Later, my grandmother, Marian Joyce (Benning) Kroetch, also moved to the area in order to be with her friend Beverly. Marian and Beverly were best friends for most of their lives and actually married both of their husbands within four months of each other, having their eldest children, Debra and Kathy, at almost the same time. Beverly was married to transportation entrepreneur Al Scoffone and they had three children: Debra Lyn, Steven & David Scoffone and eight grandchildren. She has lived in Monte Sereno California since the 1960s. Beverly was a Board of Fellows member at Santa Clara University and was President of Valle Monte in 1979. See: Beverly Clarice (Washington) Scoffone: Obituary.
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