Mamie Woodruff

Photo found in an antique store in Santa Cruz,California. Not my relative, but photo was re-united with Mamie's great-neice, C. Kimber, back in Mamie's childhood home in Utah. Back of photo states, "Mamie Woodruff, daughter of Marion and Bertha Jensen Woodruff". Located this family in the 1910 US Census in Elwood, Box Elder, Utah... living in household at that time: Marion (father) 48, Bertha (mother) 41, Earl W., 19, Myrtle S., 17, Mayme H., 15, Vernon J., 12, Rora A., 10, Iona N., 7, Leland O., 2, Elmer D. 5 months, & Mary F. Steffensen, 68. Mamie died March 13, 1979 in Le Grande, Union Co., Oregon.
Date & Place: in Salt Lake City, Utah USA
Jan 5, 1895 - Unknown 1895 - ?

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Mamie is my grandfather, Leland Woodruff's, sister. I live in the home that Mamie was raised in. Her DOB is 5 Jan 1895, Salt Lake City, Utah. She Married Joseph Orla Hill 15 Sep 1915, Salt Lake City, Uah. Mary Steffensen is not a sister. Mamie's maternal grandmother was Maren Sophia Hansen Jensen Steffensen. Mamie's mother Hansine Dorthea "Bertha" Jensen was born to the first marriage with Rasmuss Jensen. Maren's second marriage was to Christian Steffensen. I assume Mary fits somewhere into this marriage. I will need to research that further.
Mar 07, 2007 · Reply
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