Pilot Orville Wright plane crash kills Lt. Selfridge - 1st airplane fatality

Updated Sep 10, 2020
Ancient Faces
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on Jan 10, 2012 3:52 PM
Tending to pilot Orville Wright or passenger Lieutenant Thomas E. Selfridge after the crash of the Wright Military Flyer at Fort Myer, Virginia

The plane crashed when a propeller broke and the Lieutenant became the first passenger killed in an airplane crash.

Another image of this crash can be found at:
September 1908 Orville Wright Plane Crash
Date & Place: at Fort Myer, in Arlington, Arlington County, Virginia United States 22211

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AncientFaces commented on Sep 09, 2020
Does flying scare you or thrill you? Today in 1908 Orville Wright broke new records when he flew a plane solo for over an hour. Then on Sept 17 he crashed while flying, killing his passenger Lt. Thomas Selfridge, making him the first person to die in a powered airplane crash. This is the aftermath of the flight on Sept 17.
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