Topper and William Boyd.

Updated Sep 15, 2021
Amanda S. Stevenson
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on Sep 14, 2021 9:52 PM
Bob Feigel
Met him at the Fox & Hounds restaurant in Santa Monica when my stepdad, who knew him, took me up to the bar to meet my television hero. He sat me up on the bar so I could talk to Hoppy more face to face. It took me years to understand why everyone in Mr Boyd's group laughed so hard when I asked him where he'd parked Topper and he answered, out back in the parking lot next to your dad's Packard. By the time we left I was half asleep and my sister and I were half asleep and put in the back seat for the ride home. So I'd forgotten to look for Topper by then.
Date & Place: Unknown
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