Two Women in Fabulous Hats

Written on the back: Heads up or there is going to be a fearful crash
Date & Place: Unknown
None / Unknown

Updated May 26, 2020

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On the back of this found photo: "Heads up or there is going to be a fearful crash" What do you think of these hats?
May 26 · Reply
Sharon Burns
Between carrying around all that hair and the weight of the hats I'd be curious to know if women's neck bones between the 1890s and 1920s showed unusual changes.
Also now that I think about it my grandma was obsessed with my posture as a kid. I had to learn to walk and sit balancing the dictionary on my head. She was born in the 20s so she missed having to wear this but I wonder if it was a holdover that got handed down. Maybe everybody was actually teaching their girls to balance ridiculous hats.
Lois DeArmond
The hats are straw, and not heavy.
Sharon Burns
But a lot of them were huge. Maybe not these,but generally.
Marilynn Marlow
Straw hatsnare very light, even the big ones
Maureen Bates
Learning to balance a dictionary was a tactic to give ladies poise and confidence ...they were taught in refinishing [external link] was a thing ,in that era .
Anna Kakol
I think they do absolutely nothing to enhance the look of these women and more perhaps towards a stress headache to come by wearing them .
Anna Kakol
Kathryn Schwartz . It was trending . And they were photographed- masses or not . There was never an era when people didn’t want to appear fashionable or one where their choices weren’t examined , including today . And this: I would find it hard to believe that not a one of us hasn’t donned something impractical, subject to critique . I’ve got pictures a plenty with the wild teased out hair that leaves me aghast . Anyone that says it looked good , is frankly being kind but is lying . Lastly there was a prompt at the top of this display that asked : what do you think of these hats ? So I’m assuming the opinion was solicited and my chiming -in was acceptable? I apologize if it was only meant to be rhetorical !
Kathryn Schwartz
Anna Kakol What you wrote is fine. Having spent hours to scan and post hundreds of photos of people I don't know in hope they'd get connected with someone who wanted them, I seem to be more sensitive to criticism of the people in the photographs than I would of my own family. Heck, maybe it is supposed to be a funny picture and the family would laugh along with the comments. Thank you for writing a nice response to my comment.
Jaynee Parkhill
The woman without the glasses looks like she’s about to buckle under the weight of that hat 😫
Steve Myers
Judith McNutt
Poor thing the one on the right is cross eyed
Arlan Adair
Judith McNut--& has a goiter. Bless her heart.
Andrea Snedden
Carrying a cross in biblical terms. Also a cross dresser😐. That's a dude. Look at the arms and hands, and adams apple😮.
Judith McNutt
She has a goiter... Thyroid disease that also effects the eyes
Judith McNutt
Kathryn Schwartz
Michele E. Lupe
Not liking those hats at all.
Cheryl Cantwell
I don’t know but the lady on the right definitely looks possessed 😱
Arlan Adair
Just cock-eyed.
Karen Stueber
Maybe it should have been fearsome hats. Ha!
Patricia Vincent
Sorry, one on the right looks like she's wearing her sewing basket on her head, or us it just me?
Arlan Adair
Patricia Vincent--Nope, now there's 3 of us who think so!
Betty Winters Martinez
All I got to say is compared to how some woman dress now a days I would call this classy
Andrea Snedden
Not diggin the hats😐. I'm not a hat person tho.
Cynthia Habas Urban
Top heavy....
Carol McCreary
Looks to me like the lady on right is in pain. Must be the weight of that hat.
Sharon Greenawalt
Maybe they look better in color.😊
Damian Martinez
Sharon Greenawalt
Damian Martinez Thank you. Those hats are still a bit homely. They just make those ladies look top heavy. LOL. Have a wonderful day.💖
Arlan Adair
Hats are always cool...what really interests Me is the caption...say What? What sort of crash? Car? Stock market?
Jackie Young Lenarz
Andrea Snedden i think you may be right.... this might be an example of early Drag! Something just seems a little ‘off’ about them and not quite feminine.
Connie Etherington
The hats are not attractive on the ladies. It looks like a mistake.
Fawn Rhoads
I usually like old style hats but these aren't very pretty
Melissa Bonett
They both look thrilled about wearing them hat contraptions. Lol
Nikki Rich
The 1st one on the left...x
Susan W. Milam
I’ve seen worse!
Rochelle Dubois
Love the hats....beautiful. I'd wear them.
Shanna Lee
Wow 👒👒 hats are not better then 👒 these are horrible
Catherine Satula
Mmm never saw my ancestors in stuff like in pictures
Angie Chelewski Wilson
Catherine Satula Mine either wore big hats. Mine were all farmers. Pictures of them in aprons. They look like sisters.
Dolly Collins Cohoon
I'm sure they were very stylish and lovely back in the day...The lady on the right is looking to the heavens...Willing to bet that is how she converses as well. I knew a woman who did that....Always thought it was alil creepy.
Kathryn Schwartz
I'm the person who found these photos and my goal in spending hours scanning and posting to AncientFaces is to connect these photos with descendants who want them and I think it is important to do it in a way that is respectful of their ancestors. Thank you for looking!
Leah M Howard
Kathryn Schwartz thank you!!!
Brenda Dorsey
I like the hats. Would rather see ones like this without the feathers. :)
Breanne Bennett
Huh. Can't say I'm a fan of these particular chapeaus.
Daniel Pinna
477 favorites
There are some real mysteries with this collection of photos. Heads up or there is going to be a fearful crash...what in the world.
May 29 · Reply
Sue Wilks
Well, I was talking about the hats, not the people. But since you asked, here is a photo of my great-grandmother wearing a doozy of a hat! 😁 c1907
Arlan Adair
Victoria Gus Michaels--That's hilarious! & if we are mentioning physical oddities...notice the poor thing also seems to have a goiter.
Donna Carter
She also has a frog sticker in her hat!
George Ann Watson
Victoria....I'm glad I wasn't drinking something when I read that!!!!🤣😂
Andrea Snedden
You're on to something...that's a adams apple😐look at their hands and arms etc. That's a dude😮, hence the cry-ptic message on the back of the pic. Hmmmm
Victoria Gus Michaels
Andrea Snedden I also thought this looked like a wedding picture. First LGBT wedding?
Paula Robare
Victoria Gus Michaels The broad? The women. Just be happy you didn’t live then!!! It was the best they had!
Andrea Snedden
Well Victoria, it's either that, or the scarlet letter😐. I guess it could be both. Idk.
Andrea Snedden
We're only saying what we see. Joan of arc dressed like a man for warrior reasons. A man could have dressed like a lady for whatever reason. That's my take. Not making fun of them.
Victoria Gus Michaels
Paula Robare I was just playing....the broad. Lol. I thought it was funny.
Victoria Gus Michaels
George Ann Watson no no no....I get extra FB points if I make you spit when you read.
Arlan Adair
Lisa Gladin--That's funny! You're funny. & that's just what I thought.
Kathryn Schwartz
Boorish comment on someone's ancestors. Perhaps you'd like to share a photo of yours?
Andrea Snedden
Not laughing. What's your problem? The one on the right is a dude look at the hands. Read the message on the back of the pic.
Toni Lopez
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