World War Two Unit, USA 1943

WWII, World War II, group photo - Army or Marines? The next photo has the names of the members of this WWII, World War II, group photo. I will try to load it next, but here are the names:

Carl Edwards - White Plains, GA
Roy J. Cornish - Box 262, Washingtonville, NY
Charles A. Miller - 1452 Cortland St, Bethlehem, PA
Kenneth E. Stieris - 520 South 2nd St, Chillicothe, IL
Jack E. Davis - Bucyrus, OH
Robert D. Oldham - Indianapolis, IN
Walter S. Laban - "The Connecticut Yankee'" Ansonia, CT
Eddie W. Kain - Yonkers, NY
Robert F. Johnson - 260 Iranistan Ave., Bridgeport, CT
Benjamin E. Gurney - Twinsburg, OH
Ervin M. Neariny - Rte #2, Box 248, Bay City, MI
J. J. Walzak - 1901 S. Park Ave., Hadden Heights, NJ
Calvin C. Moore - West Leiper St, Dixon, KY
John D. Nice - Philadelphia, PA
Thomas A. Martin - "Wheel," 612 E. Jefferson St, Kokomo, IN
Don E. Pyle - 11220 Primose, Cleveland 8, OH
J.? Barker - 4239 East End . Bay 9615, Chicago, IL
Gerald A. Rouse, Jr. - Shelby, MI
Ronald D. Marquardt - Oswego, NY
Robert E. Poston, 733 Hamlet Ave., Hamlet, NC
E. J. Belki? - 230 Sullivan St, NY, NY
Welsley R. Goff - Buffalo NY and California, CA
Charlie W. Varrell - "Rebel," 418 East Park Ave., Charoltte 3, NC
Don Fisher - 613 Chambers Ave., Jeannette, PA
Karl T. Wokial - Tucson, AZ
Glenn A. Beaumont, 53 Wakefield St., Buffalo, NY

Taken: in United States of America

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