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We have never been able to trace back the tree from Alvah Alexander Howell. He married Mabel Earl and they lived in Johnstown or New Lebanon, 7 miles south of Dayton OH. He had a brother, Gurn and possibly other siblings. Alvah was a country doctor in the area and the story goes that he would get a message of someone needing medical care and take off in a buggy. When he returned he might have a pig or chicken that he had been "paid" with as the community was poor.

Mabel was a school teacher and was, therefore, not allowed to be married. About a year before she stopped teaching they snuck off to Decatur IN and got married and then went back and didn't tell anyone.

If you have any information on Alvah Alexander please share. I have a few pictures and one of "Uncle Gurn."
Nov 15, 2009 · Reply