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Updated Feb 19, 2022


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Rose Pritt commented on Nov 04, 2006
History Of The State Of Kansas Crawford County, Part 15 HARMON H. HURST, farmer and stock-raiser, P. O. Walnut, was born in Elkhart County, Ind., in 1835. At the age of five years, he located with his people in Sullivan County, Mo., where he was reared and educated, and where he was identified with the farming industry until 1860, when he went to Warren County, Iowa, and carried on farming until 1861, when he enlisted in the army and served until 1865; removed here in 1866, and has been identified with his present industry here since. He married August 27, 1854, Miss Martha W. Norman, of Indiana, who departed this life in 1856, and is buried in the Cemetery of Sullivan County, leaving one daughter--Julia F. In December, 1856, he married Miss Ruth S. Huntley, of Illinois, who departed this life in 1874, and is buried in the family cemetery, leaving two sons and a daughter--Virgil H., Minnie B. and Ralph E. He was married in 1876, to Mrs. Mary F. Morrow nee Andrews, a native of Missouri. They have one son--Claude J. During the war, he did active service in Company B., Tenth Iowa, from August, 1861, until September, 1865, and was honorably discharged as a veteran of the same company and regiment. His farm contains 200 acres of improved land, well fenced and stocked, with good dwellings, barns, stables, and an orchard of 600 trees of a nicely assorted variety of fruits. 1870 Walnut, Crawford Co., Kansas 1880 Sullivan Co. Missouri census Hurst, Harmon Hiram, 35 farmer, born IN Hurst, Virgil H. 22 farmer, born MO, Ruth S. 31, OH or ILL father IN, mother OH or ILL Julia 14, MO Mary, born MO both parents OH Virgil H. 12, MO Minnie 2, Kansas
Sheila Van Eaton commented on Dec 11, 2008
I am looking for Hurst Families in Mo. My mother Tracy Lynn Hurst lived in Henry County Mo. in 1985. I do not have any names of grandparents or any more history. I am lead to believe that my grandparents lived in or around Henry County Mo. in 1985. Any help would be great.
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