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Maggie Mahalia Sutherland was born May 26 1881, in Stockdale Texas. She is the daughter of Robert H Sutherland and Mary Melvia "Molly" Jackson. She married Joshua Green Sifford Sr. born Oct 22 1873 in Wilson Co. died Feb 1 1951 Kerrville Tx, son of Joshua G. Sifford and Rebecca Tinkle and bore several children. She and Joshua lived on Morris Ranch which was a 16,640 acre ranch in between Kerrville and Fredericksburg Texas in Gillespie County. Fleet-footed thouroughbred ponies once called Morris Ranch Home in the late 1890's nd earlie 1900's. And it should be noted that at one time Morris Ranch encompassed over 23,000 acres and was the training center for some of the world's best thouroughbred horses.

Morris Ranch was owned by Francis Morris and was just on of his many holdings. The ranch then passed down to his nephew Charles Morris who was given power of attorney. Aside from Horse raising and racing. Morris Ranch had considerable farmed crops of which the Joshua Sifford family attended to. Morris Ranch was very self contained with it's own school and store so that the residents of Morris Ranch no longer had to travel to Fredericksburg or Kerrville to do shopping.

Maggie and Joshua like Joshua and Rebecca rasied their children mostly in and around the Morris Ranch, Kerrville, Fredericksburg area. Maggie had 15 children of which 14 lived to see adulthood.
Ford Lee Sifford: born May 17 1899 on Morris Ranch
Bernice M. Sifford: born May 6 1901 died Aug 30 1902
Rosa Mae Sifford: born Dec 16 1902 on Morris Ranch
Sterling Benton Sifford: born Sept 10 1904 on Morris Ranch died 1971 witchtall Falls TX
Maggie Ruth Sifford: born Jan 12 1906 on Morris Ranch died June 28 1936 Fredericksburg TX
Julie Estelle Sifford: born Aug 30 1907, in El Campo TX died Sept 2001 age 94
Marion Otis (Pat) Sifford: born Feb 23 1909
Howard Aldon "Dutch" Sifford: born Feb 4 1911 in Doss Valley TX. died Nov 15 1974 at VA Medical Center in Kerrville Texas
Lois Ellendee(Tiny)Sifford: born May 22 1913 on Morris Ranch died Junction Texas
Russell Green Sifford Sr.: born Feb 21 1915 on Morris Ranch died Jan 11 1994 Kerrville TX
Ford Perisiang (Fordie) Sifford: born June 17 1917 on Morris Ranch died 1950 in Kerrville TX
Gladys Alberta (Berta Jane): born Feb 25 1920 on Morris Ranch died Sept 26 1957 Kerrville TX
Joshua Green Sifford Jr. (Jiggs): born Oct 22 1922 on Morris Ranch died April 5 1970 Nueces Co. TX
Plaunita Christien (Polly) Sifford: born June 22 1924 on Morris Ranch still alive
Ella Elvira (Dudie) Sifford: born Jan 7 1926 on Morris Ranch still alive

All of the sifford children knew how to play an musical instrament. Mostly Fiddle, guitar, and paino and they sang. Primarly in Maggies life she was a mother and home maker, Joshua was a farmer, ceder chopper, and peddler as well as he and a couple of his son's played and sang for the local radio station in Fredericksburg and would also preform for weddings and special occasions. This is what I know about my great grand parents and so if anyone has something to add please contact me and help me fill in the blanks.

Mary Alvarez
May 18, 2008 · Reply