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U.S. Coast Guard

Browse the history of U.S. Coast Guard through vintage photographs.

A photo ot Dina Christine (Licciardi) Bellan "Patriotic fever engulfed me in 1943 as it did many other Americans. One day while walking home from work I spotted a large poster encouraging women to join the Coast Guard and become SPARS. "that's it" - I just knew what I wanted to do. I didnt know anyone in the Coast Guard and wasn't even sure what else they did besides guarding the coast as the name impled. The recruiters were glad to see me and after answering some pertinent questions I made an appointment for my physical which I had to cancel. Four months went by and I still had not rescheduled. Why? Because I didn't know how to break the news to my father. He was a very strict parent and I just knew he would not approve. Finally I gathered enough courage and broke the news to him. I nearly fell through the floor when he said "Good for you." In July 1943 I boarded the train at the Terminal* bound for Palm Beach Florida where I was to train. Florida in July is hardly anyone's dream of heaven! We arrived with our heavy suitcases grimy and sweaty at the beautiful Biltmore Hotel. We had assumed that the Coast Guardsmen standing at the curb would assist us with our luggage. Instead with arms folded they just glared at us. One laughingly informed us that since we were to replace them for active duty we might as well start learning to act like one of the boys
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My father, Joseph F Scott, he was in the US Coast Guard. Coloring in black & white photos was popular and my mother colored it in.
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A photo of Stephen Pilcher born kent 1836. coastguard stephen pilcher served at tramone ,dungarvan and hevichead waterford ireland died 1898
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Stephen Pilcher
Dec 12, 1836 - 1898
Dungarvan, Waterford, Ireland
A photo of the Coast Guard I.D. of Dale Vernon McCasland
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Dale Vernon McCasland
Nov 10, 1920 - Aug 24, 1974
TX, United States
The War Record of the Town of Islip, WW I . This is the written description that goes with the photo of Charles Edward Boyeson.
People in this photo:
Charles Edward Boyeson
Died: May 26, 1917
War Record of the Town of Islip, New York, WW I: The In Memorium picture page, featuring my great-great uncle Charles Edward "Ted" Boyeson who died one month after enlisting. The book says "of pneumonia", but family story is that he died of the influenza that swept through the training camp in New York. He was well-loved, and several generations have been named for him, including my baby brother, Charles "Tad" Parker.
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Charles Edward Boyeson
Died: May 26, 1917
A photo of the grave of Junior Lee Douglas
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Junior Lee Douglas
Oct 1, 1921 - Aug 12, 1971
A photo of Bradford Nott in the service, 1949.
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This is a picture of Charles Lewis Short, far left, with unknown sailors of the Plum Island Life Saving Service of Newburyport, MA. It is believed that he is shown with one or more of his uncles who also served. Charles was born to Samuel Sewall Short Jr and Lydia Maria Tenney Atwood in December of 1868. He was a fisherman, clammer and cobbler at shoe factories in Newburyport all his life. He volunteered at the life saving service most of his life. The Plum Island Life Saving Service became the first US Coast Guard Station in the country. The Short Family has a long history of service at the Plum Island Station. Charles married Bessie Perkins Hilliard in Georgetown, MA in 1897 and made their home on Water Street, Newburyport, across from the Basin Seawall. They had 3 children, Henry Sewall, Betsy Hilliard and Geroge Granville. Henry Sewall was stillborn after his mother fell in the Plum Island Lighthouse. He is buried with his parents.
People in this photo:
Charles Lewis Short
Dec 23, 1868 - 1954
Newburyport, MA, United States
McMurdo Society - awarded to Steven Gaudry and all of those who crossed,shipboard,to McMurdo Base, Antarctic.
Domain of the Golden Dragon awarded to Steven Gaudry and all of those crossing the International Date line, Longitude 180 degrees.
Golden Shellback awarded to Steven Gaudry and all of those shipboard at the crossing of LATITUDE 00000 degree and LONGITUDE 180 degrees.
Steven Gaudry's Domain of the Antarctic awarded when crossing into the Antarctic Zone shipboard.
Steven Gaudry's Neptune Regis, traditional award earned when crossing the equator shipboard.
Phan Van Huan, Viet Namese counter part to Steven Lynn Gaudry, U.S. Coast Guard, Squadron One Volunteer, Combat Republic of Viet nam.
U.S.N.S. Corpus Christi Bay - served 6 tours of duty in Republic of Viet Nam, earned four Meritorious Unit Commendations. Was commissioned as seaplane tender in Dec. 1940. Postcard from mother
My father Arthur Raymond Miller during his service in the Coast Guard during World War II. He served proudly for 8 years ending his service as Chief Boatswain Mate. I'm not sure when the photo was taken.
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180 foot class bouy tender with ice breaking hull. This hand tinted official ship's photo was taken in Sitka Sound in the Inside Passage in Alaska some time in the 50s. I served on this ship in 1966-67 in the rough Alaskan water, frequently answering emergency search and rescue calls in violent stormy weather.
The Bouvines class ships were used for the French coast guard. They were named after the Battle of Bouvines in 1214 that ended the Angevin / Flanders war. Photo taken by Marius Bar.
A Prohibition rumrunner being stopped by a Coast Guard boat at night: The K-13091 getting ready to seize the Seneca at the end of a chase. Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress
This is a pix of my grandfather "Andrew Young", it was taken in the United States Coast Guard.He served aboard many ships and am looking for any information or other photos that might be out there about him...Thank You
People in this photo:
Andrew Young
Born: around Jan 18, 1895
Fighting breakers for three days - The surf boat left Florence, Coos Co., Oregon port to assist the schooner Helen B. Sterling, which was in danger of piling up on the rocks at Heceta Head. After three days the Coast Guard cutter Haida relieved the sailors, but they were still unable to cross the bar so they moved 10 miles out to sea and anchored with two anchors. They were unable to return to port for another two days. Those pictured are ; l-r Elmer Peterson, Harold William McCrady, M.J. Berhard, Capt Lyle Stirt and Clyde Deal (not pictured.)
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Medical evacuation of a Soviet fisherman. The two men in white shirts and the center gentleman are civilian EMT's from Cape Cod Hospital. Left to right are Hospital Corpsman J.Morrison, Aircrewman Breeze, and Aircrewman R. Lamirande. We were all attached to USCG Air Station Cape Cod.
View of USCG Tracen, Cape May, NJ, taken from the gym. Medical dispensary on left. Memorial in center.
Day before boot camp graduation. My home for 10 weeks of boot camp. Note Coastguardsman Manual at end of rack by shoes.
This photo is from a postcard. The USCG Memorial Base Chapel was built in 1951. It is used in worship by all faiths, and is dedicated to the heroic and valiant members of the USCG who have given their lives in the performance of their duty in times of peace and war.
This photo is from a postcard. It is a view of the USCG Bark Eagle at dock, the USCG Academy, and Connecticut College (in background)as seen from the Thomas River Bridge, New London, Connecticut.
This photo is taken from a postcard. It was taken in front of Hamilton Hall, the administration building. The cadets are marching in full dress uniform.
Photo is from a postcard. Douglas Munro Hall was built in 1963. It is the Coast Guard's enlisted man's barracks and mess hall. This building honors the USCG's only Congressional Medal of Honor winner.
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