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Leroy Elmer Clark
Leroy Elmer Clark
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Clara (Shaw) Whitfield
Clara (Shaw) Whitfield
I've "rescued" three photographs which belong to the SHAW Family of Washington State. The first two are of Clara Helen SHAW WHITFIELD with both taken at the French Studio in Tacoma, WA sometime in the early 1890's with Clara likely about 3 years old at the time. The third photograph is of Clara Helen SHAW, Loren Ransome SHAW, and Henry George SHAW and was taken at the Mitchell Studio in Puyallup, WA. This one was also taken in the 1890's with the three children appearing to be about 2-6 years old at the time. Based on limited research I was able to locate the following information regarding this family:

Clara SHAW was b. 1890 and married Mr. WHITFIELD and d. 1971 and is buried in the Wright Crematory and Columbarium in Seattle, WA. Henry G. SHAW was b. 1891 and d. 1915 and is also buried along with his sister in Seattle, WA. Loren Ransome SHAW Jr. was b. 16 Jul 1888 in Washington and married Agnes Mae BODIN on 9 May 1917 in Snohomish Co. WA and he died on 13 Jul 1935 in Seattle, WA and is buried along with his siblings in Seattle, WA. Loren Ransome SHAW Jr. also appears to have been married to Emily B. LANGILL (b. 1895) but the information is confusing since his death notice lists his wife as Agnes but the last census has his wife as Emily B. – are these the same women?

All the children were born to Loren Ransome SHAW II (b. 1862 in Muskegon, MI to parents Loren R. SHAW I and Helen T. SOULE) and Mary Elizabeth “Lizzie” SCLYTHE (b. 1872). Their father Loren Ransome SHAW II had only one full sibling, a sister named Carrie V. SHAW (1862-1926), after his Mother’s death his father remarried and had 3 additional children including, Nellie; Dora Lulu; and Don Jerome SHAW, all born between 1868 and 1886). Loren Ransome SHAW II died 25 Sept 1938 in Seattle, WA

Census records provide the following details regarding the family:

1900 census of Seattle, WA:

Loren R. SHAW, age 38, born Apr 1862, married 13 years, born MI, a School Teacher
Lizzie SHAW, wife, age 27, born Aug 1876, married 13 years, 3 children/3 living, born IN, parents born IN
Loren R. SHAW, son, age 10, born Jun 1889, born WA, at School
Clara H. SHAW, dau, age 10, born Feb 1890, born WA, at School
Henry G. SHAW, son, age 7, born Dec 1892, born WA

1910 census of Seattle, WA:

Loren R. SHAW, age 47, married 23 years, born IL, parents born VT/NY, a Teacher
Mary E. SHAW, wife, age 37, married 23 years, 4 children/4 living, born IN, parents born IN
Loren R. SHAW Jr., son, age 21, born WA, a Land Survey Engineer
Clara S. SHAW, dau, age 20, born WA
Henry A. SHAW, son, age 18, born WA, a Land Survey Engineer
Harold F. SHAW, son, age 5, born WA
F. M. MYRHE, father-in-law, age 77, a widower, born IN, parents born ?/IN

1920 census of Seattle, WA:

Loren B. SHAW, age 31, born WA, parents born USA, a Laundry Truck Driver
Agnes SHAW, wife, age 26, born WA, parents born USA

R. Loren SHAW, age 57, born MI, parents born MO/MI, a Public School Principal
M. Elizabeth SHAW, wife, age 47, born IN, parents born IN
Clara WHITFIELD, dau, age 28, divorced, born WA, a Contractors Stenographer
F. Harold SHAW, son, age 15, born WA

1930 census of Seattle, WA:

Loren R. SHAW Jr., age 41, married at age 40, born WA, parents born MI/WA, a Dye Works Salesman
Emily B. SHAW, wife, age 35, married at age 21, born IA, parents born IA/MI, a Laundry Bookkeeper
Vaughna B. STEWART, dau, age 13, born WA, parents born ND/IA

L. R. SHAW, age 67, a widower, born IL, parents born VT/NY, a Public School Principal
Harold F. SHAW, son, age 25, born WA, parents born IL/NY, a Brush Company Salesman
Clara WHITFIELD, dau, age 40, a widow, born WA, parents born IL/NY, a Commercial Stenographer

1940 census of Seattle, WA:

Harold F. SHAW, age 35, born WA, a Private Music Teacher
Clara S. WHITFIELD, sister, age 48, born WA, a Stenographer

I am hoping to locate someone from this family so that the photographs can be returned to their rightful place with family. If you are a member of this family, or you know someone who might be, please contact me.

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Ferdinand Webber of Boston, Suffolk County, MA was born on October 22, 1923, and died at age 54 years old in March 1978.
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Lizzie Borden of Fall River, Bristol County, Massachusetts United States was born on July 19, 1860 in Fall River to Sarah Anthony (Morse) Borden and Andrew Jackson Borden. She had siblings Alice Esther Borden and Emma Lenora Borden. Lizzie was baptized in 1860 in Fall River. Lizzie Borden died at age 66 years old on June 1, 1927 in Fall River, and was buried at Oak Grove Cemetery in Fall River.
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