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My Father and I
My Father and I
My Father, Rudy E Villalobos, and I, Tami Villalobos.
Never Forgotten
Calvin W Marshall
Calvin W Marshall
This is a photo of Calvin W Marshall added by Tami Villalobos on April 2, 2020.

Calvin W Marshall - Grandpa Marshall in January 1974

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About me: I haven't shared any details about myself.
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Family, friend, or fan, this family history biography is for you to remember Sally (Villalobos) Luna.
Family, friend, or fan, this family history biography is for you to remember Henry Villalobos.
Frank Villalobos has siblings Rudy E Villalobos, Henry Villalobos, and Sally (Villalobos) Luna. Family, friend, or fan, this family history biography is for you to remember Frank Villalobos.
My Father and I
My Father and I
My Father, Rudy E Villalobos, and I, Tami Villalobos.
Never Forgotten
Dana Estrada's 68 Barracuda, California
Dana Estrada's 68 Barracuda, California
Dana McClannahan Fraker Scalese Estrada's 68 Barracuda parked in our driveway about late 1969 in Venice, California. House located at 2211 Prospect Ave., Venice, CA 90291.
Dana drove this car from Denver to L.A. when she moved here.

Tom Scalese
People in photo include: Dana (McClannahan) Estrada
Date & Place: at Our Venice House in Venice, Los Angeles County, California United States of America
20th Century
20th Century
From the industrial age to the technological age
From the beginning of flight to a man on the moon to a Mars Rover . . . from calling on a phone in the next room to carrying phones in your pocket . . . from telegraph to radio to talking pictures to ...
470k+ photos
Tami VillaLobos
Tami VillaLobos
A photo of Rudy E Villalobos' daughter Tami Villalobos
Date & Place: in Longview, Washington County 98632, United States
The cousins
The cousins
Generation One

1. Thomas1 Pelletier, (son of Jean-Baptiste Pelletier and Émilie Miville-Deschènes). He married Victoria Beaulieu, married 16 sepTEMBRE 1879 in St-Octave-de-Métis, (daughter of Jean-Baptiste Beaulieu and Félicité Pelletier).
2 i. Marie Élise Pelletier (Mère2 St-Thomas), b. 6 JANVIER 1881 in St-Octave-de-Métis.
+ 3 ii. Eugène Pelletier b. 3 février 1888.
+ 4 iii. Thomas Pelletier b. 13-oct-1889.
+ 5 iv. Joseph Pelletier.
+ 6 v. Jean-Baptiste Pelletier.
7 vi. Elzéar Pelletier. He married Célanire Robichaud, married 23 JUILLET 1913 in L'Assomption-de-Notre-Dame, Baie-des-Sables, (daughter of François Robichaud and Denise Pineau).
8 vii. Joseph Alexis Pelletier, b. 17 JUILLET 1893 in St-Octave-de-Métis.
+ 9 viii. M. Philomène Pelletier b. 11 août 1894.
10 ix. Marie-Alphonsine Pelletier, b. 23 JUILLET 1896 in St-Octave-de-Métis, d. 9 février 1966 in Québec. She married Jean-Louis St-Laurent, married 9 février 1915 in St-Octave-de-Métis, (son of Jean St-Laurent and Rose-Anna Fontaine).
11 x. M.hélène (Héléna) Pelletier, b. 6 OCTOBRE 1901 in St-Octave-de-Métis, d. JUILLET 1973. She married Charles-Eugène St-Pierre, married 05 JUIN 1948 in St-Octave-de-Métis, (son of Alphonse St-Pierre and Claire Ouellet).

Generation Two

3. Eugène2 Pelletier, (1.Thomas1) b. 3 février 1888 in St-Octave-de-Métis, d. 14 septembre 1970 in Chicoutimi-Nord. He married M.anne Morisset, married 11 janVIER 1910 in St-Joseph-de-Lepage Cté Rimouski, (daughter of Joseph Morisset and Philomène St-Pierre).
12 i. Rose-Aimée3 Pelletier.
13 ii. Odile Pelletier.
14 iii. Wilfrid Pelletier. He married (1) Marguerite Sénécal, married 1967-12-23 in St-Alphonse, Montréal, (daughter of Armand Sénécal and Antoinette Primeau). He married (2) Marguerite Gagné.
15 iv. Maurice Pelletier.
16 v. Alice Pelletier.
17 vi. Fortunat Pelletier. He married Cécile St-Laurent, married 1947-09-20 in St-Pierre-Claver, Montréal.
18 vii. Gabriel Pelletier. He married Denise Poulin, married 1958-06-21 in St-Honoré,Shenley, Beauce, (daughter of Gaudiose Poulin and Marie-Rose Poulin).
19 viii. Marie-Anne Rose Pelletier, b. 7 oct 1910 in St-Octave-de-Métis.

4. Thomas2 Pelletier, (1.Thomas1) b. 13-oct-1889 in St-Octave-de-Métis, d. 10-mar-1974 in Hôpital de Rimouski, buried MARS 1974 in St-Octave-de-Métis. He married Marie-Blanche Dumas, married 21 Juillet 1913 in St-Octave-de-Métis, (daughter of Alfred Dumas and Rose Dubreuil).
+ 20 i. Thérèse3 Pelletier b. 24-mai-1914.
21 ii. Charles-Eugène Pelletier, b. 29-aoû-1915 in St-Octave-de-Métis, d. jun 1996 in Rimouski. He married Gertrude-Antoinette Roussell.
22 iii. Blanche-Ida (Blanche Yvonne) Pelletier, b. 22-avr-1917 in St-Octave-de-Métis, d. 16-jan-1983 in Hôpital de Québec inh. Rimouski. She married Albert Lepage, married 23-sep-1942 in St-Octave de Métis, d. in Rimouski.
23 iv. André Pelletier, b. 10-mai-1919 in St-Octave-de-Métis, d. 21-nov-1983 in Ville d'Anjou (MTL). He married Gertrude Roy, married 19 août 1950 in Ste-Brigide Montréal, (daughter of Adélard Roy and Joséphine St-Laurent).
24 v. Lucienne Pelletier, b. 5-mai-1921 in St-Octave-de-Métis, d. 27-déc-1949 in St-Octave de Métis.
25 vi. Marie Madeleine Rollande Pelletier, b. 10 janVIER 1923 in St-Octave-de-Métis, d. 28 janVIER 1923 in St-Octove-de-Métis.
+ 26 vii. Marie-Louis Pelletier b. 17-avr-1925.
27 viii. Maurice Pelletier, b. 1926 in St-Octave-de-Métis. He married Laurence Béland, married 26 JUIN 1954 in St-Antoine-de-Padoue, Padoue, Cté Matapédia.
28 ix. Jean Pelletier, b. 1929 in St-Octave-de-Métis. He married Noëlla Thibeault, (daughter of Ernest Thibeault and Odile Charest).
+ 29 x. Lucien Pelletier b. 1930.

5. Joseph2 Pelletier, (1.Thomas1) d. 23 mai 1960 in St-Antoine de Padoue,. Cté Matane. He married (1) Marie-Fortin, married 20 avril 1909 in St-Octave-de-Métis,. Cté Matane, (daughter of Hyacinthe Fortin and Délina Carrier). He married (2) Marie Lévesque, married 16 avril 1912 in Baie-des-Sables, Cté Matane, (daughter of Ferdinand Lévesque and Adèle Bouchard) d. 14 mars 1955 in St-Antoine de Padoue, Cté Matane.
Children by Marie-Fortin:
30 i. Thomas Léopold3 Pelletier, b. 12 juillet 1910 in St-Octave-de-Métis, Cté Matane.
Children by Marie Lévesque:
+ 31 ii. Marie Adèle Pelletier.
32 iii. Émile Pelletier. He married Rita Carrier, (daughter of Louis Carrier and Marie Ouellet).
33 iv. Germain Pelletier. He married Henriette Oakes, married 1845-10-13 in Ste-Luce, Frenchville, Maine, USA, (daughter of Alexis Oakes and Henriette Lavigne).
34 v. Jean-Marie Pelletier. He married Danielle Coulombe, (daughter of Sépharin Coulombe and Jeanne Gauthier).
+ 35 vi. Odilon Pelletier.
36 vii. Dora Pelletier. She married Hervé Michaud, married 10 juillet 1951 in St-Octave-de-Métis, Cté Matane, (son of Laurent Michaud and Alphéda Roy).
37 viii. Gilberte Pelletier, b. 28 août 1916 in St-Octave-de-Métis, d. environ 1990 in Rimouski.
38 ix. Anne-Marie Pelletier (Soeur Ursuline Rimouski), b. 3 juillet 1927 in St-Octave-de-Métis.
39 x. Bernadette Pelletier (Religieuse), b. 20 septembre 1925 in St-Octave-de-Métis.
40 xi. Gilbert Pelletier, b. 26 juin 1923 in St-Octave-de-Métis.

6. Jean-Baptiste2 Pelletier, (1.Thomas1). He married Marie Alice Fortin, married 26 janVIER 1904 in St-Octave-de-Métis, (daughter of Thomas Fortin and Marcelline Drapeau).
41 i. Welly3 Pelletier. He married Cecile Dufresne, married 1951-07-28 in St-Clément-de-Viauville, Montréal, (daughter of Paul Dufresne and Alma Boucher).
42 ii. Édelbert Pelletier. He married Isabelle Cardin, married 1942-02-17 in St-Frédéric, Drummondville, Cté Drummond, (daughter of Maurice Cardin and Maria Lemoine).
43 iii. Léopold Pelletier. He married Lucienne Cardin, married 3 septembre 1938 in St-Frédéric, Drummondville, Cté Drummond, (daughter of Joseph Cardin and Marie-Anne Laplume).
44 iv. Louis-Philippe Pelletier. He married Irène Migneault, married 1er juillet 1939 in St-Frédéric Drummondville. Cté Drummond, (daughter of Arthur Migneault and Alice Ratté).
45 v. Octave Pelletier. He married Kathleen Webster, married 1944-07-15 in Ste-Thérèse, Cowansville, Cté Missisquoi, (daughter of Joseph Webster and Éthel Coutu).
46 vi. Annette Pelletier. She married Gérard Forget, married 3 octobre 1939 in Ste-Thérèse, Cowansville, Cté Missisquoi.
47 vii. Marie-Ange Pelletier, b. 16 février 1910 in St-Octave-de-Métis, Cté Matane. She married Sylvio Girard, married 6 juin 1933 in Ste-Croix, Dunham, Cté Missisquoi, (son of Napoléon Girard and Rose-Anna Guilhot-Guillot).
48 viii. Marie-Lauretta Pelletier. She married Joseph-Alphonse Labrie, married 2 septembre 1933 in Ste-Croix, Dunham, Cté Missisquoi, (son of Édouard Labrie and Emma Blais).
49 ix. Thérèse Pelletier. She married Lucien Gingras, married 5 janvier 1950 in St-Frédéric, Drummondville, Cté Drummond, (son of Florida Maclure and Ernest Gingras).

9. M. Philomène2 Pelletier, (1.Thomas1) b. 11 août 1894 in St-Octave-de-Métis, d. 29 nov.1958 in St-Octave-de-Métis. She married Alfred St-Laurent, married 03 octOBRE 1916 in St-Octave-de-Métis, (son of Alexis St-Laurent and Gracieuse Leclerc).
50 i. Gérard3 St-Laurent. He married Mable Gosselin, married 1948-06-14 in St-Henri, Montréal.
51 ii. Roger St-Laurent. He married Suzanne Fillion, married 1960-01-16 in Saint-Louis-de-France, Terrebonne, (daughter of Napoléon Fillion and Germaine Archambault).
52 iii. Romuald St-Laurent. He married (1) Cecile Dufresne, married 1985-12-21 in Saint-Agapit, Deux-Montagnes, (daughter of Paul Dufresne and Alma Boucher). He married (2) Yvette Lamoureux, married 1946-12-23 in St-Jean-Baptiste,Montréal.

Generation Three

20. Thérèse3 Pelletier, (4.Thomas2, 1.Thomas1) b. 24-mai-1914 in St-Octave-de-Métis, d. 11-jul-1986 in Mont-Joli. She married (1) Aurèle Landry, married 8-jul-1949 in St-Octave-de-Métis, d. in Mont-Joli. She married (2) Alphonse D'amours, married 25-jul-1981 in Ste-Luce sur Mer, (son of Alphonse D'amours and Laure Gagné) d. 26-nov-1986 in Rimouski.
Children by Aurèle Landry:
53 i. Ange-Aimée4 Landry. She married Joseph Denis Beaulieu, (son of Edgar Beaulieu and Lucienne Fournier).
54 ii. Georges Landry. He married Colette Beauvais.
55 iii. Hélène Landry. She married Joseph Dominique Gagnon.
56 iv. Joseph Yvon Landry, b. 7 novembre1956. in Saint-André-de-Matapédia, d. :9 décembre 1956 in Saint-André-de-Matapédia.

26. Marie-Louis3 Pelletier, (4.Thomas2, 1.Thomas1) b. 17-avr-1925 in St-Octave de Métis, d. 27-jan-2005 in Trois-Pistoles, buried 30 janVIER 2005 in Trois-Pistoles. He married Claire Fournier, married 23-jan-1951 in Cathédrale de Rimouski, b. 9-aoû-1923 in Plessisville, (daughter of Donat Fournier and Marie-Emma Yvonne Perreault) d. 16-jan-2001 in Hôpital Laval Québec, buried 20 janVIER 2001 in Trois-Pistoles.
+ 57 i. Denise4 Pelletier.
58 ii. Nicole Francine Pelletier, b. 4-déc-1953 in Rimouski, d. SEPTEMBRE 1954 in Rimouski.
+ 59 iii. Francine Pelletier.
60 iv. Marcel Pelletier, b. 18-fév-1957 in Rimouski, d. 23-déc-2006 in Rivière-du-Loup, buried 28 déc. 2006 in Trois-Pistoles. He married (1) Hélène Bastien, married 7-jul-1984 in Mont-Joli. He married (2) Manon Ipperciel, married 11-aoû-2001 in P. Justice Montréal.
61 v. Yves Pelletier.

29. Lucien3 Pelletier, (4.Thomas2, 1.Thomas1) b. 1930 in St-Octave-de-Métis. He married Anne-Marie Béland, married 5 SEPTEMBRE 1959 in Notre-Dame-de-la-Compassion, Les Boules Qc, b. 19 sepTEMBRE 1936 in St-Antoine-de-Padoue, (daughter of Joseph-Aimé Béland and Adrienne Thibault) d. 6 octobre 1997 in St-Octave-de-Métis Cté Matapédia.
62 i. Christian4 Pelletier.
63 ii. Alain Pelletier.

31. Marie Adèle3 Pelletier, (5.Joseph2, 1.Thomas1). She married J. Arthur Bourdeau, married 16 juin 1945 in St-Octave-de-Métis, CtéMatane, Qc, (son of Albert Bourdeau and Marie-Jeanne Tremblay) d. 3 mars 1972 in Québec.
64 i. Cécile4 Bourdeau. She married Daniel Caron, married 11 juillet 1970 in Ste-Odile Québec Qc.
65 ii. Paul-Émile Bourdeau. He married Céline Pageau, married 1969-05-31 in La Nativité-de-Notre-Dame, Beauport, Qc, (daughter of Anselme Pageau and Marcelle Ouellet).
Date & Place: in Canada
The singers and musicians who have entertained us.
Believed to have been in existence for over 55,000 years, music has been some part of every culture, everywhere. From the human voice (which may have been the first "instrument") to pipes, flutes, and...
4.73k+ photos
B-24 Destroyed
B-24 Destroyed
B-24 Hit By A Jap Bomb Jan 1943...A James A Fazzi Sr Picture
Date & Place: at Milne Bay in Papua New Guinea
Last name
94.1k+ biographies202 photos
Eddie Gonzales, Gianna-Li & Pete Villalobos
Eddie Gonzales, Gianna-Li & Pete Villalobos
Daddy with my 2nd child Gianna-Li and Pete Villalobos (my ex,Gianna's dad) @ my dad's house.
People in photo include: Magdaleno Eddie Gonzales, Pete Villalobos, and Gianna-Li Villalobos
Date & Place:
A pictorial history of the airplane and the men and women associated with flight featuring pilots, astronauts, inventors, explorers, and others.
Since the beginning of time, humans have wanted to fly. While this goal was sought in many ways from fashioning wings and wearing them, to hot air balloons and gliders, it wasn't until the beginning ...
3.57k+ photos
Who doesn't love a man (or woman) in uniform? Almost everybody has worn a uniform sometime in their life - these are the vintage versions of those uniforms.
Uniforms are worn by many kinds of people - children and adults - in all kinds of organizations. Police, firefighters, nurses, paramedics, the military, Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, sports teams, prisone...
5.71k+ photos
Rose Ruzicka
Rose Ruzicka was born on August 8, 1908 in New York County, New York United States, and died at age 95 years old on January 22, 2004 at Elmhurst Hospital Center 79-01 Broadway, in Elmhurst, Queens County. Family, friend, or fan, this family history biography is for you to remember Rose Ruzicka.
Rose Ruzicka
Rose Ruzicka
A photo of Rose Ruzicka 1908 - 2004
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