Irvin McDowell - Major General US Army

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Major General Irvin McDowell spent his career as an officer in the United States Army. He began as an aid to various high ranking Generals and taught tactics at the prestigious West Point Academy until the beginning of the Civil War when he was promoted to Brigadier General and took command of the Army of Northeastern Virginia. Unfortunately, his lack of experience commanding troops (and the troops inexperience) led to a decisive defeat at the First Battle of Bull Run which was the first major land battle of the civil war.

After various military failures and a court marshal, Major General Irvin McDowell was given command of the Department of the Pacific (perhaps to get him away from the battlefield?) and landed as Commander of the Department of California. After 44 years of service, Irvin Mcdowell eventually retired from the army in 1882 and served as Park Commissioner of San Francisco until his death.

Irvin McDowell, son of Abram Irvin McDowell and Eliza Seldon McDowell, was born October 15th, 1818 in Columbus Ohio and died May 4th, 1885 in San Francisco, California. Irvin is buried in the San Francisco National Cemetery.
in United States of America
  • Glass negatives--1860-1870.
  • Portrait photographs--1860-1870.
  • 1 negative : glass, wet collodion.
  • Title from unverified information on negative sleeve.
  • Annotation from negative, inked on tape: 465.
  • Corresponding print is in LOT 4192.
  • Forms part of Civil War glass negative collection (Library of Congress).


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