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Joyce Harper-B My GGF Fred David Stewart served in the Army in Europe during WWI in the 317th Infantry. We do not have a date, or any other information. Was hoping to discuss with other families who knew anyone from this unit from this war who might have info to exchange.
Feb 01, 2009 · Reply
Jayden Stewart You could never meet a woman who cared more for her family. Though I was young when she passed, I still remember the family holidays we all had at her home. I lived with my mother but spent the majority of my time, when not in school, at my grandmother's house. So, when it came down to time for holidays, I was always around to see everything get done. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter; it didn't matter the holiday. If family could gather for it, we all did. Between my grandpa and her former husband she had seven children. Most of those children had children of their own. I was the youngest grandchild so I was always spoiled the most. I remember her always getting up before the sun rose on days where the family would come to start cooking and it all be done around 4pm or so. She made enough food to feed an army, which when all of us got together, we all resembled. These times were the happiest times of my childhood. Now at 21 I miss them dearly. RIP Grandma.
Nov 18, 2013 · Reply