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About: I am searching for anyone doing genealogy research on the Queen, Duty, Davis, Jenkins, Gilliland, McGhee, Counts, Dameron, families. I love doing genealogy, sewing, crafts of all kinds and a host of other things. Would love hearing from you. If your thoughts are about genealogy I will answer and, if you have one of my family names I would love to hear from you.

Researching: Davis, Queen, Adkins, Duty, Counts, Jenkins, Fleming, Mcghee

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this picture was taken approximately 2004 at Racoon Creek Park, Gallipolis, Ohio. May be tthe last picture of Clara.
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This was taken on Jim's leave from the Army before he went overseas. He was killed on October 1944 in the South Pacific.
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Queen family Reunion, always held on the 3rd Sunday in July in memory of James A. and Nannie (Duty) Queen. Taken 2003.
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This picture was taken at the old home place in the front yard. Probably at one of our family reunions. They were born in 1865.
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Grandpa Jimmy was a Circuit Riding Preacher, of the Baptist faith, probably resting after a long day and far away from home, you can see his horse by the tree.
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Edith Jenkins I would like to ask a question. Is Adkins a middle name or a last name? I descend from the Adkins family and have the Adkins family book "Land od York to Beechfork". Would love to hear from you.
Jul 13, 2004 · posted to the photo Sidney Adkins Nash Gravestone